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The Upsides and Downsides of 30-Day Wear Contact Lenses

A lot of people these days rely on their contact lenses, either for vision correction or for changing their looks. Contact lenses give us so many advantages, plus they are hassle free. However, there are also some downsides to it especially with the contact lenses being readily available globally. Different types, colors and designs are some of the considering factors when it comes to choosing contact lenses. Some are made for treatment of certain eye conditions. Caring and learning how to handle contact lenses are also very important because our eyes rely on this.

What are 30-day wear contact lenses?

30-day contact lenses are typically soft contact lenses that you can put on constantly for at least a month (30 days) or so, without having to worry about cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing, storing and most especially - inserting and removing them. These are contact lenses that are made to be worn over a longer period of time as compared to other conventional contact lenses. 30-day contact lenses have been approved by the FDA for overnight usage. Most contact lens wearers prefer this type of contact lens because not only are they much cheaper, they also do not involve regular care and cleaning.

The most important factor why a lot of us choose 30-day wear contact lenses is because one does not have to remove it before going to sleep as these are especially created to last from the present day to the next day without experiencing eye irritations and problems. Since most contact lens wearers are too tired or lazy to remove their contact lenses at night, particularly if they had a long day at work or from doing other activities.

30-day contact lenses are also called "extended wear" contact lenses. One can at least sport these contact lenses for 5-7 continuous days. But take note that this also varies from person to person, surroundings (where you live and work) and recommendations are the 2 of the most vital factors that should be considered.

How 30-day contact lenses work

First of all, let us find out how these 30-day contact lenses work. 30-day contact lenses are manufactured using modern amenities by contact lens companies to have 6 times more oxygen content than typical soft contact lenses. Contact lens manufacturers use a material of silicone hydrogel that is super permeable (meaning, it allows substances - particularly oxygen to pass through the lens) which allows our eyes and contact lenses to breathe without restraints.

Upsides of 30-Day Wear Contact Lenses

There are quite a few advantages that 30-day contact lenses offer:

  • For people who longs to have perfect vision everyday but are not suitable for Lasik eye surgical treatment or for those who does not want to go through any eye surgical procedures, 30-day contact lenses are a good substitute.
  • No need to worry whether or not you have removed them or have fallen asleep with contact lenses on.
  • Eye illnesses were less experienced while using 30-day contact lenses.
  • These are very much practical for contact lens wearers who are always on the go or are too busy to remove, clean and store their contact lenses.
  • When waking up in the morning, one will unlikely experience blurring of vision. Instead, you will experience a clear and crisp vision. No more painful eyes.

Downsides to 30-Day Wear Contact Lenses

  • Not cleaning and disinfecting contact lenses regularly will most probably lead to certain eye complications because proteins, bacteria's and debris had already built-up.
  • When wearing this type of contact lenses, one should be mindful with his/her surroundings, avoid any area where smoke is very much present as this can cause damage to the contact lens and to the eyes.
  • Just like the usual contact lenses, water should not enter the contact lenses.
  • There are times that a few eye problems have occurred because of 30-day contact lenses such as: dry eyes, pink eyes and halos.

Popularly Used 30-Day Contact Lenses

The following brands have been permitted by the FDA for 30-day wear contact lenses:

  • Focus Night and Day by Ciba Vision - Great for extended wear time, including when you sleep.
  • Acuvue Oasys by Vistakon - These are weekly disposable contact lenses.
  • PureVision by Bausch & Lomb - Contact lenses that are created with AerGel for accurate vision clarity and maximum comfort whatever your eyes needs are.


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