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Over 30 Years of Oakley's Sunglasses and Still Stronger Than Ever

If you ask anyone what sunglass companies they can think of, more than likely they will name Oakley's as one of the first few that springs to mind. Oakley's is one of the largest and most popular sunglasses manufacturers in the world, their designs are a unique mix of a fashion and sports wear with a quality that buyers fully trust. The brand has been around for just over 30 years and in that time they have developed a long line of great products made from their own specially formulated materials to produce the Oakley sunglasses that you know so well. The brand name is now a unisex label, but it is most popular with men; this might be due to the types of designs that they have released with a strong robust and aerodynamic feel that appeal to active sports types.

Where Did Oakley's Come From?

The Oakley Company was started way back in 1976 by Jim Jannard a sports enthusiast who was trying to design a new grip material for motocross riders. Jim was known to be a little bit of n eccentric character and would play around with his inventions, putting them to use in several different ways to see which one fit it the best. Jim realized that this new durable material that he'd created could also be used as motocross rider goggles and so began his road to developing Oakley sunglasses. His aim was to create a pair of sunglasses that suited the environment that sports men found themselves in, protection against weather, dust and UV rays, all of this combined in a cool looking package.

With just $300 and a great idea that had not yet made it to the store shelves Jim designed the 'O frame' goggles for motocross riders, which were the starting point for all of the Oakley sunglasses you see today. Combining everything he knew about motocross goggle production, Jim came out with his first sunglass product, the 'eyeshade' a one lens pair of sunglasses that were a huge hit with the public. Now Oakley's is known for constantly coming up with new and innovative products that push the barriers of style and design.

What Makes Oakley Sunglasses so Special?

Aside from their fresh and appealing image, Oakley sunglasses are made from the highest quality materials that have been personally developed in their laboratories for 70 years. The lenses are made using high definition optics that keep the wearers vision clear and reduces any visual distortions. To protect against the suns harmful UV rays the lenses have been given an over 99% molecular level polarization treatment to protect from intense glares of bright light. All of Oakley's lenses are made from plutonite an extremely durable material that effectively absorbs shock waves from a high fall and gives a wearer 100% protection from the suns ultra violet rays. Some of the Oakley sunglasses have been coated with their own trademarked protective material called 'Hydrophobic' this is a thin coating that repels rain, sweat and dust keeping the glasses shiny and new.

Oakley New Cutting Edge Designs

Most men love the appeal of Oakley's, it is the sponsor of countless sports men and women and tends to aim for events that have an exceptionally exciting edge to them like, motocross racing, high speed cycling or inline skating. You would think that there is only so much you can change on a pair of sunglasses, but Oakley is constantly creating new innovative products, like the 'Jaw bone'. Worn in the tour de France by a well known cyclist, the jaw bone frames have been built with interchangeable lenses; a wearer can quickly change them or adjust their position for better focusing.

Oakley sunglasses have been specially created to suit different groups of people, whether they are sports men and women or from a specific age group. Realizing that Oakley's brands are extremely popular in Asian countries, the designers set about creating a new special shape and size made to fit the average Asian facial features. It is common knowledge that Asians have flatter noses compared with Westerners, the 'Asian fit' glasses have a built in device that when pushed tightens the frames against the wearers nose for a more comfortable, secure feel.

The brand has also just released their new hi-tech glasses range, you can choose from having a trendy looking pair of shades with a wireless Bluetooth connection called the 'Oakley ORoker', which allows you to make phone calls whilst jogging or driving your car. Another new release is the ' Oakley Electronics Thump Pro' with a built in MP3 player, all you need is a small memory card loaded up with your favorite tunes and your ready to go. You can find wide selection and Oakley sunglasses on sales at FramesDirect.

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