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Accessories for Your Contact Lenses

An effective way in achieving the best possible quality of contact lenses lies on 2 things: first is how you take care of them and second is how you store them after wearing them. Some people only focus on choosing the perfect contact lenses or colored contact lenses; oftentimes we neglect the importance of caring for our contact lenses while we don't wear them.

That is why accessories for contact lenses are present. Not only do they ensure the cleanliness of your contact lenses, they also keep them safe from any bacteria and spills. Let us learn more about the different kinds of accessories that our contact lenses must have what they do and why they are essential.

Contact Lens Accessories - Why are they so important?

Caring for your contact lenses guarantees us one important factor - it keeps our eyes healthy. We all want clear, crisp and healthy eyes. Contact lenses cannot function properly no matter what brand, design or color they may be when they are not clean. Keeping constant tabs when it comes to your contact lenses gives you painless eyes and a hassle-free time. So each contact lens wearer should know what accessories are best for your contact lenses and investing in them is vital.

Over the years, contact lens accessories have also evolved. Gone are the plain and boring cases or the bulky solutions. Instead choosing the right accessories for your contact lenses even be a fun task. With today's accessories available in the market, you can be sure to get confused with the countless varieties offered to you.

What accessories are available for your contact lenses?

Contact lens cases - The most important accessory that your contact lenses should have. Cases are a prerequisite in every contact lens wearer. Cases for your contact lenses come in different colors and styles, other cases even gave fun designs and prints. However, there are a few types of contact lens cases. The following are:

  • Flip Top contact lens case: Flip top cases are perfect for people who does not want to fuss about colors and designs. These are the traditional contact lens cases with markings indicating the right and left eye. Flip top contact lens cases are not recommended under heat disinfection. Flip top cases are also available in colored cases with charming designs you can choose from - pictures of pets, sports, pastel colored cases and they are also offered in leather bound cases that has a zip closure, attached internal mirror ideal for very meticulous contact lens wearers.
  • Screw Top contact lens cases: Screw top contact lens cases are preferred by many because of its very convenient design, they are very compact since it fits in tiny purses that comes in various colors. These are also available in "boilable" cases, which can be boiled and sanitized while cleaning.
  • Disposable contact lens cases: these are ideally used for traveling since it can accommodate 1 week of disposable contact lenses.
  • Leak-proof contact lens cases: cases that are especially created to use while sanitizing contact lenses. Bausch & Lomb Renu offers leak-proof cases.
  • Barrel contact lens cases: favorite type of contact lens case by most contact lens wearers since each contact lens is bounded in its very own basket.
  • Contact Lens Solution case: an innovative design of contact lens case that allows you to store your solution for 3 weeks. It also supplies the solution inside the case with a single touch of the button positioned between the left and right markings.
  • Lens-alert cases: this kind of contact lens case is an modern type of case that allows you to keep track of your contact lenses and it also counts down how many days or weeks left until your next lens replacement.

Contact lens hand soaps - These hand soaps does the job of removing every grease and dirt from your hands without leaving your hands dry. Hand soaps like Ocusoft and Optimum (by Lobob Contact Lens Wearers Hand Soap) work best.

Contact lens solutions - Of course, solutions are very important for maintaining cleanliness of contact lenses since they eliminate build-ups and harmful bacteria accumulated. Popular brands of contact lens solutions include - Opti-Free and Clear Care.

Contact lens applicators - For people who are having difficulty inserting and removing their contact lenses, this product is for you. Lensvue2 is a contact lens viewer and applicator.

Best Online Stores Offering Contact Lens Accessories

  1. AC Lens - offers affordable, comprehensive and detailed selection of contact lens accessories which you can choose from
  2. Discount Contact Lenses - perfect for contact lens wearers who likes to have fashionable and beautifully designed contact lens accessories


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