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Intensify Your Eyes with Amber Color Contact Lenses

Colored contact lenses are becoming more and more popular for all ages of contact lens wearers. This is mainly because of its technological development and advancement, increasing its levels of comfort, a wide collection and most of all the vision correction (optional) benefit contact lenses and colored contact lenses offer.

About Amber Contact Lenses

One of the most popular and in-demand shade of contact lenses is the amber contact lenses. It is a very unique type of colored contact lenses that can set you instantly apart from all the other contact lens wearers.

The color amber is a yellow to brown color, somewhat like a reddish brown shade. Unlike the color red, it is a much subtle hue yet it exudes an air of elegance and mystery. You can also feel a dose of excitement when you wear contact lenses in this type of color. Most amber contact lenses can be readily purchased at retail stores or on online websites since they offer almost every brand of contact lenses. However, there are also a few amber contact lenses that are believed to be specialty contact lens items; this means that it should be made to order. You can purchase this at certain online contact lens sellers and retail outlets.

Because amber contact lenses are becoming extremely much in demand as compared to other colors of contact lenses, the accessibility of the other contact lenses has decreased.

If you want to get hold of these contact lenses, weigh the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages before you consider buying one of these contact lenses.

Why try amber contact lenses?

By trying on these contact lenses, it makes you feel very much distinct from other people since amber is an unusual eye color. Or if you have been bitten with the very popular "vampire craze" then wearing amber contact lenses will give you the most satisfying look you want to achieve because this completes your over-all look.

Is it for people with dark-colored or light-colored eyes?

People who have light eye colors and light complexion are the best candidates for these contact lenses, since it easily changes your eye color making your eyes feel that amber is its natural color. Furthermore, amber, topaz, honey and hazel colors are also great for people whose eye colors are dark and for those who has a dark complexion as well.

Can you get amber contact lenses without prescription?

The answer to that is NO; you cannot purchase amber contact lenses without any prescription. You have to have your eyes checked and undergo some eye exams. By doing so, you and your eye care practitioner will be able to get your correct eye measurement and contact lens fit reducing the chances for your eyes to get any inflammations and complications.

Different Shades of Amber Contact Lenses

  • Soft Amber
  • Amber
  • Warm Honey
  • Amber Ambition

What are the best brands available for amber contact lenses?

There are many brands offering amber contact lenses, from the cheapest to the more expensive ones. The following are some of the best choice of contact lens brands:

  1. Amber SoftColors contact lenses by Ciba Vision
    • Adds a soft hint of amber color to your eyes, enhancing at the same time brightening the color of your eyes.
    • Perfect for people who have natural light eye colors.
    • Where to buy: ACLens retailing for $47.95/bottle.
  2. Amber Ambition contact lenses
    • Ambition's contact lens range is known to be the most vibrant and bold contact lenses accessible.
    • Amber Ambition contact lenses are manufactured, developed, sealed and sterilized with its top of the line advanced technology for maximum comfort and easy handling.
    • For people with medium to dark eye colors.
    • Where to buy: Color My Eyes retailing for $38.95/bottle.
  3. Clearly Colors in Amber Ambition contact lenses
    • Contact lenses that are created with a gel-edge technology for clear and colorful eyes.
    • Where to buy: CoastalContacts retailing for $18.89/vial.


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