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Aspheric Contact Lenses

Technologies progress more and more every year, so do contact lenses. Contact lenses have been presented in a larger range throughout the years. They are offered in multiple color variations and they are also created with different lens materials. Unlike eyeglasses, the use of contact lenses is a great option for people with vision problems and conditions for the reason that these are practically undetectable. One of these varieties is aspheric contact lenses. These types of contact lens have a newer design and notion.

What are aspheric contact lenses?

Aspheric contact lenses are also known as asphere. These are contact lenses that have symmetric surface profiles and angles that are not a component of the eye cylinder, in other words - aspheric contact lenses are not part of the eye area. Aspheric contact lenses are made to be slimmer and flatter unlike the traditional contact lenses. But still gives off the same amount of refraction just like the other contact lenses that are not aspheric. That is why these are the best possible option used by most contact lens wearers.

Aspheric contact lenses also have different curvatures across the exterior that is changing from the edge to the center of the lens. This permits a diverse interaction between the lens and the entering of light to the eyes. Clearer and crisper visualization are what aspheric contact lenses promise.

Aspheric contact lenses have 2 categories, convex and concave.

  1. Convex - these are mainly used in presbyopic vari-focal lenses in order to increase the lens optical power that are aimed to tasks that entails one to be near (e.g. reading)
  2. Concave - these are specially ordered category of aspherical contact lenses that is being applied to people who have a high myopia or extreme level of myopia

Who are advised to wear aspheric contact lenses?

People who are suffering from an eye condition called astigmatism, not just mild astigmatism but borderline astigmatism. Meaning, people who are almost at the brink of having presbyopia are greatly advised to use aspheric contact lenses in order to reduce and correct their astigmatism. Furthermore, patients who are not comfortable wearing conventional contact lenses can also benefit from this type of contact lens.

Uses of Aspherical Contact Lenses

Because aspheric contact lenses are made to be flatter and slimmer, it naturally adjusts immediately to each person's eye curve resulting for a better and improved eye movement. A feature that is very distinct since traditional contact lenses does not offer this. While for people whose jobs involves frequent computer use or people who have presbyopia and astigmatism, aspehrical multifocal contact lenses are best to use.

Selections of Aspherical Contact Lenses

Aspherical contact lenses are either made with hard or soft lens materials. You can also choose these contact lenses as per your priority from these choices: for disposable, daily or extended use. Aspheric multifocal colored contact lenses are also available.

Why are aspherical contact lenses are the better option compared to other regular contact lenses?

Contact lenses, particularly those that are prescribed are worn for the main reason of correcting the eyes refractive inaccuracy. Because of aspherical contact lenses very unique design and lens material it is said that they can adjust much better to every contact lens wearer's eye base curve. They also impede less when you are blinking.

Best Brands of Aspherical Contact Lenses

The following are some of the top brands of aspheric contact lenses that can be readily obtained:

  1. Biomedics 55 Premier
    These are 2 weeks wear time aspherical contact lenses that primarily works to enhance focus of the eye upon light traveling to the eyes. These also minimize spherical aberration to your eyes and the contact lens.
  2. Solu 55a
    Solu 55a are aspherical contact lenses patterned to give the best possible stability of handling and comfort of vision with superior aberration correcting aspheric optics for enjoyable visual experience. These contact lenses also has a UV blocking feature.
  3. Frequency 55 Aspheric
    Aspherical contact lenses created with UltraSync technology that allows you to take pleasure with its incomparable level of visual excellence. These are contact lenses that also provide unrivaled clear and defined vision.


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