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Benefits of Contact Lenses

Most people wear contact lenses for cosmetic reason. But, there are many other good reasons to wear contact lenses:

  1. Contact lenses give more natural and almost true size vision. Whereas, objects may appear distorted in size and shape with glasses.

  2. Contact lenses move with the eyes when you look to the sides. There is none of the distortion that you might experience with glasses.

  3. Side vision is not screened by a frame.

  4. Contacts won't steam up from abrupt temperature changes or perspiration.

  5. The rain drops or snow flakes won't catch on the contact lenses when you're out in the rain or when it's snowing.

  6. If the lens correction for each eye is very different, contacts may be the only way the two eyes can work together.

  7. People with the tendency for an eye to cross will gain better eye positioning control with contact lenses.

  8. Less frequent prescription changes with contact lenses.

  9. Contact lenses can protect an injured cornea while it heals.


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