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How to Choose the Best Colored Contact Lenses For You

Choosing colored contact lenses is a big step for many people. We've always heard that the eyes are the window to the soul, and that you can tell a lot about a person by looking into his or her eyes. With so much emphasis placed on our eyes and the image they give of us, you naturally want to make the best choice when choosing colored contact lenses.

How to choose the best color contact lenses

Remember that the primary reason for wearing contact lenses is to improve your vision. If you need vision correction then be sure that you've had a recent eye exam and that your prescription is correct. Then get into the cosmetic appearance of the contacts, and that allows you to use a little imagination. Remember when they used to call Frank Sinatra "Old Blue Eyes." He was well known for those baby blues, and women would swoon and fall into his eyes, or so the story goes. If you've always wanted blue eyes you are not alone. Blue colored contact lenses are one of the most popular choices, and they go well with a light complexion and brown or blonde hair. Different tints allow your new eye color to be either a darker blue, or lighter, depending on your own preference and what looks best on you.

Colored contact lenses for darker complexions and darker eye colors

If you have a darker complexion and just don't think blue eyes are best for you, then consider brown eyes, or hazel. Or, if you feel a bit more exotic, Barbie eyes, with a black circle are intriguing and give an exotic impression. When choosing colored contact lenses remember that you are not married to only one eye color. Many people own multiple pairs of colored contact lenses and wear different lenses for different occasions. The old joke is that women have many pairs of shoes, but these days many women have multiple pairs of contacts to match the personal style or appearance they have on a particular occasion, or just to go with a different mood.

Remember to be hygienic

Of course you'll need a prescription from your eye care provider to get any pair of contact lenses, even if it is just for cosmetic purposes. It is always important to get instructions for care of the lenses from you doctor and follow those instructions carefully. The colored contact lenses will need to be fitted properly to work well for you. Cleaning them properly is essential since bacteria love to grow in warm, liquid environments. Proper cleaning to kill the bacteria will keep your eyes healthy and prevent future problems. Proper cleaning measures will also prevent damage to the lens, and in turn prevent damage to your eye, which is even harder to replace.

Getting ideas from friends and neighbors

If you are wondering about colored contact lenses and whether they would be right for you, ask some trusted friends and neighbors. They might have ideas on colors that would match your personality. Who knows what ideas they might come up with. One of the wonderful things about colored contact lenses is that they help you reinvent yourself and try out a whole new look. If this sounds exciting to you, maybe its time to give it a try.


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