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Internet is an excellent place where you can buy colored contact lenses online. Unlike only few local eye-care shops where you can choose from, you are not geographically restricted to buy contact lenses online. Moreover, it is convenient and easy to make price and product comparison on the web so that you get to save time and make substantial saving at the same time. If you are looking to buy discount color contact lenses, online market is the right place for you.

Online shopping has been all the range these days and buying contact lenses online is no exception to the rule. So what exactly are the benefits we can get from contact lens websites?

Benefits of Buying Contact Lenses Online

  1. Less expensive as compared to retail contact lens stores. The number one reason why most people like to buy contact lenses online is because they are much cheaper. Everyone is always on the look out for sales and discounted items. We always want to get something at a bargain, yet we also see to it that we get the full benefits it offers. Contact lens websites offers a great price and even have promos when you buy in bulks.
  2. Travel expense. When we buy contact lenses at retail outlets, we still need to travel (also depending whether you live near stores or not) and sometimes, especially if we live far from these stores the tendency is that by the time we get there, stores are already closed which makes our journey useless.
  3. Buying contact lenses online is convenient. True enough, most people do not want to exert extra effort to go to the local pharmacy in order to obtain contact lenses or every time you need them replaced. It allows you to do the ordering in the comforts of your home. Plus, these websites does the job of shipping your contact lenses to your doorstep.
  4. Availability. Another advantage of buying contact lenses online is because no matter what day, whether morning or it's 12 midnight, you can easily have access and order a pair. You can order round the clock and not have to be concerned if your order was entertained. All you need to do is to click and you can directly place your orders.
  5. It saves time. Because time is very important to all of us, purchasing contact lenses online saves us the time. This is essentially beneficial to very busy people since all they need to have is a computer.
  6. Endless choices. Most often, online sites have an endless listing of contact lens brands which you can select from and evaluate their features to other contact lens brands.

On the Internet, you can find many online stores with large collection of cheap color contact lenses. But before you hit the web and place your order, there are few key aspects that you have to know.

Prices of Brand Name Colored Contact Lenses

Contact lenses were expensive many years ago, but it's definitely not anymore now! Due to economic of scales and competition heat up on the Internet, today you can find cheap color contact lenses on the web easily. If you know where to find the quality online store, you can save up to 70% on brand name colored contact lenses. The price is low on the Internet so that the online retailers can acquire as many customers as possible. Since the customer acquisition cost is high, online retailers will have to retain the existing customers in order to make money over the long run. However, you have no obligation to stay loyal with an online retailer. You can always shop around for special offers and promotion from other online retailers.

Fill up Prescription Online

You need your prescription in hand if you plan to buy prescription colored contact lenses online. If you don't have the up-to-date prescription, you can call your optician to get a copy of your latest prescription. Make sure you fill up the prescription form correctly before submitting your order. Likewise, verify your prescription printed on the side of the packaging is correct when you receive your lenses.

Secure Payment Online

When you order your colored contact lenses online, you have to provide sensitive data such as your personal details and credit card information to complete the order. Make sure the online store is a secure site where all information that sent are encrypted. In general, a secure site can be found to be verified by VeriSign and the information is transmitted through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) session (you can find a yellow padlock at the bottom of the browser SSL session).

Discounts, Sales and Promos

What makes buying contact lenses online fun? That is because multitudes of contact lens websites gives out discount coupons, discounts for bulk orders, sales and promos. Especially when it comes to contact lens coupons, people are very fond of these things because it allows them to try out different brands of contact lenses for less money spent. There are also free contact lens coupons offered.

When you buy contact lenses in bulks, you are guaranteed to have special discounts and promos. For example, you order 3 boxes of contact lens and get 1 free or you buy 4 boxes and shipping will be free. You need not have to pay anymore for the delivery cost. Sometimes, these websites slash off almost half the price of their contact lenses letting you have quality contact lenses for a great bargain.

Shipping and Handling Cost

While some online stores may be accurate to claim to offer the cheapest contact lenses on the web. However, if you take the shipping and handling cost into consideration, you will soon to realize that the overall prices are not attractive anymore. In order not to get ripped off by the shipping cost you should look out for online stores that offer free shipping when the order exceeds the preset amount For example, DiscountContactLenses.com offers free shipping on orders over $89.

Money Back Guarantee

You should only order from reputable online contact lenses stores that offer money back guarantee or full refund should you not satisfy with your purchase. Some online stores even allow you to exchange unopened boxes of previously purchased colored contact lenses if your prescription changes.

Buying colored contact lenses online does not have to be a complex process once you understand the few key aspect stated above. Whether you are looking for prescription or non-prescription colored contact lenses, you will be able to find what you are looking for at the recommended online stores below:

Selling contact lenses online back in 1996, ACLens have since shipped millions of contact lenses to customers in all 50 states in the USA and in over 100 countries worldwide.

DiscountContactLenses.com have been selling contact lenses for 10 years. DiscountContactLenses.com is an authorized contact lens retailer by all of the major contact lens manufacturers and you can be sure that the lenses that they stock in their custom-built warehouse are the same ones prescribed to you by your doctor.


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