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Colored Contact Lenses vs Circle Contacts Lenses - A Comparison

Eyes are the windows to our souls, they are the first thing you look at when you meet some one and can communicate a person's character and state of mind without the need for words. In the vibrantly mixed up societies that we live in today standing out in a crowd is getting more and more difficult; you could wear new clothes, get a trendy hair style or even dye it a different color. If you are trying to make a dramatic impression on the people that you meet, why not enhance your eyes with a pair of specialized lenses?

These days you are spoilt for choice, you could instantly brighten up your entire face with colored contacts lenses, which come in several different shades to fit your mood or match your clothes. Just look at some of the actresses or even actors that walk down the red carpet, rich emerald green or intense deep blues draw attention to their eyes. Another option is to invest in a pair of circle contacts lenses, which make your eyes appear bigger than they are; these are very popular in countries like Japan and Korea where young girls like their eyes round and innocent.

Colored Contacts Lenses

Colored contacts come in many different colors, but you should really choose depending on both your skin tone and the color of your eyes, this will give you a more natural look. There are two types "opaque lenses" and "enhancement lenses". Opaque lenses are contacts that have been printed with a solid block of color that will completely hide your natural eye tone. These are suitable for people with dark brown eyes who want to switch to light blue or green. Enhancement lenses are made of a translucent material that is tinted with a specific color, if you already have green or blue eyes then these are a good choice for you, they will bring out your natural color and give your eyes a unique feel. You can find "opaque lenses" and "enhancement lenses" from Acuvue 2 Colors.

If you have darker colored skin, then consider wearing a light brown/hazel contact lens or a emerald green, this will really make your eyes stand out and give you a mysterious sexy demure. For those with lighter colored skin tones definitely go for light blue contacts as they will match your skin tone perfectly and give your eyes an intense strong appearance.

Circle Colored Contacts Lenses

These days having bigger eyes is very stylish and before the appearance of circle contacts, girls would use special make up affects and fake eye lashes to give them bigger looking eyes. Now with these new circle lenses, you can both change the color of your eyes and enlarge them. Circle contacts have dark circle printed around the outside of the lens to give the illusion of larger than normal eyes and as with the regular colored contacts you can get a set in a variety of colors and shades, you can also choose from a selection of premixed colors like green and blue or hazel and gold. Circle colored contacts only come in one type opaque lenses, which cover up the natural color of your eyes.

If you aren't sure which of these two lenses will suit you, ask yourself what type of look you want; do you like big eyes? Or do you already have relatively large eyes? In terms of comfort ability, the regular colored contacts win over the circle lenses. At this time circle contacts only come in one year types, meaning that you can keep them for up to a year; the material used for long-term lenses is quite thick and can leave your eyes feeling dry and sore. Obviously this depends on how long you plan on wearing them each day, but bear in mind optometrists recommended a maximum of 6-8 hours per day. The regular colored contacts come in thinner weekly and monthly types which allow more oxygen to enter your eyes surface preventing that familiar sore, dry feeling.


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