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Brighten Up your Dark Eyes with Colored Contacts

These days standing out from the crowd is on every ones mind, people are wearing their hair in edgy new styles and colors, dressing up in the latest fashions or even going as far as surgically altering their bodies in an attempt to appear more attractive to the opposite sex. If you feel as though you're a boring average looking person with no specific features that stick out; why not consider enhancing you're your looks with colored contact lenses.

Think about it, when you meet a person for the first time where do you look first? The eyes have been called the windows of the soul and a lot of information is carried subconsciously through the eyes during a conversation. If somebody is interested in you then they'll gaze deeply into your pupils, where as a person that has no interest at all will be looking for an exit.

No matter what color eyes you have, society has deemed certain colors to be more attractive than others, you might not agree with this stereotyping but it seems to be ingrained in us. For example some one with green eyes will generate much more attention then a person with dark brown or black eyes. Scientists actually believe that women are more attracted to men with blue or green eyes, because this coloration is a genetic marker of someone with stronger and more unique genes; but this is just a theory.

The most common eye color is brown, but shades can vary with some people having very light brown eyes and others having much darker shades verging on black. If you have very dark brown eyes then you'll probably be hoping for a lighter eye color, like light blue or emerald green, these are the most popular options available. Changing very dark eyes into a lighter color such as turquoise presents a few problems, especially if you want to keep a natural look, which is much more appealing. Fortunately colored contact lenses have been around for some time and several options have been developed to satisfy your needs.

What contacts should I choose if I want to lighten up my dark eyes?

There are two main types of colored contacts, opaque and enhancement contacts, each has both pros and cons and work better depending on your specific eye color; remember your goal should be to get as natural a look as possible. Enhancement contacts are not recommended for those with darker colored eyes, as they are made from a mostly translucent material, which has been tinted to bring out a persons natural eye color.

Opaque lenses are perfect for those with dark colored eyes and are basically a contact lens that has been covered in the pattern of an iris in any color that you can think of; a small hole is left over the pupil area so that you can see where you're going. These days' opaque lenses are so popular that finding a brand that fits your personal budget is as simple as doing a quick internet search. Remember that even though your aim is to look great, you only have one set of eyes so it's advisable to invest in a decent quality pair made by a reputable company.

A third color contact option that probably won't appeal to all people are the novelty types, these allow you to completely change you're look, have you ever wanted to have a set of snake eyes, how about bright devil eyes or completely black eye balls. These are really just for fun contacts aimed at younger people wanting to make an impact in a club or disco.

If you plan on buying a set of opaque colored contact lenses then you have another two options, there is the monthly disposable brands or the long term 6 month and 1 year brands. The longer lasting lenses will cost you much less, but you may spend a little more on cleaning liquids as keeping them free of bacteria and other nasty's a must.

With so many different options out there finding the right pair of opaque colored contacts can be a bit frustrating, so here are a few contact types that have been designed specifically with dark eyes in mind.

  1. Freshlook Colorbends (Ciba Vision) - This is a great opaque color contact lens, they are manufactured by a well known company that prides itself on quality. Each separate lens has been made from three different layers each with a different color; this adds an extra depth and realistic touch to these contacts. You can choose from a wide range of colors including, honey, blue and green, as well as several mid tones. Buyers can pick up sets of 1 month disposables or the 6 month long lens packages. If you're looking for a very natural looking, yet stunningly eye catching then this is the one for you.

  2. Acuvue 2 colors (Acuvue) This is another popular opaque colored contact lens that like the Ciba lens is made by a reputable company so quality shouldn't be an issue here. The designers of this specific contact lens have thought mainly in terms of user comfort, they have made these soft lenses mainly from water, which keeps them moist and prevent drying out. The benefit of the 2 color type is that they can be used by both people with sight problems and people that just want to look good. If you're looking for a standard color, but want a lens that you can wear for a long time and remains comfortable, then this is the choice for you.


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