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What are the 3 Kinds of Color Contact Lens?

Color contact lens comes very handy when you want to change your look instantly. Whether you have light or dark colored eyes, you want to enhance or dramatically alter your look; there are many available color contact lenses to suit your purpose.

Colored contact lens comes in 3 kinds: visibility tints, enhancement tints and opaque color tints.

  1. Visibility tints - this is usually a green or blue tint that is added to the lens to help you see it better during insertion and removal, or if in case you drop it. It&'s a very light tint which does not affect your eye color.
  2. Enhancement tints - a solid but translucent (see-through) tint that is a little darker than visibility tints. This kind of color contact lens is designed to enrich and enhance the natural hue of your eyes (not to change the color)
    • ideal for people who has blue eyes and they want their eyes to become deeper and more interesting
    • this type of lens is best suitable for people who have light-colored eyes since it won&'t work for people who have dark-colored eyes.
  3. Opaque color tints - or also called color tints
    • the type of color contact lens which changes your eye color completely since they are usually made of patterns of solid colors, people who have dark eyes are recommended to use this kind of color contact lens
    • comes in a variety of colors (blue, green, gray, amethyst and violet to name some)

How to choose the right color?

These 3 kinds of color contact lens come in useful when consulting and distinguishing what color contact lens works best for you.

When you want people to notice that you look different without them knowing why:

  • This is when enhancement tints or enhancement color contact lens comes in. One can opt to choose an enhancer lens that is the same color with your eyes. This kind of color contact lens enhances the edges of the iris and deepens the natural color of the eyes that&'s noticeable yet in a subtle way.
  • If blue is your natural eye color, choose a color contact lens either in green or gray.
  • If your skin tone, hair and make-up is on the warm side, opt for warm color contact lens (e.g. hazel color contact lens) to match and blend in.
  • Best choices of color contact lens would be:
    • Freshlook Dimension - color contact lens that is specifically designed for light-colored eyes for the enhancement tint of the eyes. Enhances the eyes natural color while at the same time adding depth and making it appear bigger. This unique effect is accomplished by adding dark outline at the edge of the lens.
    • Freshlook Radiance - a partially transparent color contact lens which does not change the color of your eyes but makes your eyes sparkle. Suitable for light or dark eyes which makes your eyes fresher and more alive
    • Acuvue 2 - ultra-thin and comfortable color contact lens that offers 10 natural looking colors to choose from, with or without prescription

When you want to change the color of your eyes that is noticeable by people:

  • The best way to go is to choose opaque color tints (color tints).
  • If your skin, hair and eyes have cool bluish-red undertones, choose color contact lens in warm tones (e.g. light brown).
  • If your natural eye color is brown, you can go ahead and opt to wear blue, green or violet color contact lens.
  • When you have dark skin tone, go for bright color contact lens.
  • Best choices of color contact lens:
    • Freshlook Colors - opaque color contact lens that's suitable for either light or dark skin toned people
    • Acuvue 2 Colors Opaque - completely masks your real eye color, so even if a person has dark-colored eyes he/she will be able to change their eye color and choose from amethyst to blue to green color contact lens

Color contact lens is truly the ultimate style statement. While our eyes are considered to be the most beautiful body part, the color of our eyes also plays a major role in enhancing our personality. Wearing one makes you achieve a look that sets you apart from other people.


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