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Bring Out the Sparkle in your Eyes with Colored Contact Lenses for Light Eyes

Are you happy with your appearance? If you answered no, don't worry you're not the only person that feels average or unattractive. In fact millions of people all over the world are so unsatisfied with their bodies, hair, facial features etc. that they spend hundreds of dollars trying to make themselves stand out.

Eyes are a great feature on every ones face; besides their obvious use, we use these simple organs to subtly communicate our needs and desires to members of the opposite sex. Eyes are beautiful no matter what shape, size, position or even color, though some people are blessed with amazing shades of blue, green and brown, which definitely enhance a person's face. The most common color for eyes is brown, but this can be any number of shades between light brown and dark brown. For those with regular brown eyes you can easily change them into a more attractive deep blue or emerald green, giving you a more exotic and mysterious look.

If you already have a set of blue or green eyes, but still feel like you're not getting the attention that you deserve then there is a way to brighten up the color and highlight the detail of your irises with color contact lenses for light eyes. You have two main choices of colored contacts, opaque contacts and enhancement contacts. The opaque contacts come in a variety of different colors and can completely change the look of your eyes; if you have blue eyes but want green eyes then this is the best choice for you. Most people with dark brown eyes choose to use opaque contacts, because they can give them more natural looking set of blue of green eyes.

On the other hand, enhancement contacts are made from a soft translucent material that has been tinted in a similar or different color to your eyes. This is a great colored contact for light eyes allowing you to completely change them, mix your natural color with another color or enhance your natural eye tone. Using enhancement contacts that are the same color as your eyes will help to highlight the detail already there and boost the color making them stand out on your face. Though if you want to be a little creative you can also get enhancement contacts with different colored tints, which when mixed with your natural color will give your eyes a uniquely original tone.

There are several brands of enhancement contacts available to you, but remember to choose wisely. For people with light colored eyes, using enhancement lenses is a little like adding a colored filter to your cameras lens, the results can often be unpredictable especially if you decide to mix other colors with your natural eye tone. In some cases you'll find that your eye color ends up looking much darker then expected. To get around this find a store that offers 1 day trial lenses, you can choose a variety of different colored contacts that can be worn and thrown away, this will give you a better idea of the final effect.

It's advisable to choose a pair of contacts that look natural and compliment your natural eye tone, lenses that don't match your skin tone or facial features will make you look a little suspicious or odd. With so many different options out there it can be difficult to decide on the right contacts for you, so here are the most popular choices for people looking to enhance their eyes attractiveness.

  1. Freshlook Dimensions (Ciba) These contacts come in a variety of exotic colors including Aqua, Sea Green and Emerald green. This particular lens has been shaped in a certain way that gives the effect of depth to your iris and makes them appear larger then normal; an effect that is popular with young women. These lenses are available in 1 month disposables, which is useful if you're only going to use them when you go out in the evenings and special occasions. Having short term disposables also ensures comfort and lessens the risk of eye infections.

  2. Acuvue Color 2 Enhancers (Acuvue) This contact comes in a similar range of rich colors, allowing you to add tinges of aqua marine, emerald green and ocean blue to your natural eye color. Acuvue is a company known for designing very comfortable contacts; enhancers are made with a high water contact, which prevents them from drying out too quickly. The extra water also gives the lenses a shiny affect, which gives the wearers eyes a fresh, bright quality.


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