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Latest Fashion Trends in Color Contact Lenses

Do you follow the latest fashion trends of today? If you do then you'll know how changeable they are, mainstream trends are constantly evolving; one day adding colored highlights to your hair is considered edgy and different, the next minute they are dated or passé. Where they come from and who decides on what trend is hot this season is a mystery, but it feels great to alter your look every once in a while and give yourself a complete makeover.

One product that seems to be in popular demand with Hollywood stars, well known singers and the average person in the street is colored contact lenses. These are a powerful profile changing products, wearing a pair of colored contacts can be used to boost your facial features, with more affect than regular make up. Eyes are an important feature of everyone's face, they are the first thing we look at when we meet people for the first time and for those that are planning to attract someone special, focusing on enhancing the impact of your baby browns; will attract them in no time.

Color has always been connected with human feelings, darker colors give off a more subtle somber feeling, deep mid tones have a rich calm quality and light sharp colors have a playful vibrant quality. You may not completely agree with this, but if you have naturally dark brown eyes then try wearing a pair of light blue contact lenses and see how people react to you. Now that colored contact lenses are cheaper, convenient to wear and come in various shades, people can buy several different colors and wear them according to the current trend, how they feel on that day or to match a new set of clothes.

Choosing your specific contact color is totally up to you, you can decide to follow the latest trends by searching through celebrity magazines and looking at what the stars are wearing, or you can pick a color that you feel comfortable with. The three main natural colors available are brown, green and blue; you can choose from various mid tones or even a mixture of two colors. There are also other choices, such as purple, yellow and orange, wearing contacts of these colors will definitely make you stand out in a crowd, but will appear unnatural. If you have light blue or green eyes already then you should go for "color enhancement" lenses, these will either optimize your already beautiful eyes or you can mix your natural color with another to produce a unique look. If your eyes are darker brown, and you want to change them to a light blue or green, then use "opaque lenses", these will completely alter your eye color.

Popular Color Contact Lenses Trends of Today

The Favorites: At the moment the most popular colors that are being worn by all the celebrities and singers are sky blue and amethyst. The light sky blue contacts are great for people with lighter colored skin tones and gives the eyes an intense and confident feel; a tip for young women wearing these lenses is to use very dark eyeliner and a light earthy toned eye shadow this will make them particularly strong. Amethyst is a greenish violet color that works great on people with medium to dark skin tones and gives off a dark mysterious and sexy appeal. You will see actresses like Halle Berry wearing these colored contacts on the red carpet all the time. To make you eyes pop, wear a purple eye shadow and dark eyeliner, curling your eyelashes for effect.

Shimmering affect: Colored contacts that contain a large percentage of water add to your comfort level and also give your eyes a shimmering affect. This adds a sparkle to your eye and adds to your overall attractiveness. A new trend in colored contacts is those with starbursts or light glints printed onto the lens so that it appears as if your eyes are sparkling. This affect only comes on ‘Enhancement' color tinted lenses for people who want to exaggerate their already colorful eyes. If you're interested in buying pair of lenses with this effect then try Freshlook Radiance lenses by Ciba Vision, they come in a variety of different patterns.

Contacts that make you eyes larger: This is a very popular affect for young girls in Asia, who like their eyes to be very big and innocent looking. This so called "circle contact lenses" comes in the "opaque" and "enhancement" varieties and has a larger dark border, which makes your pupils appear bigger than they actually are. The best brand offering this type of lens is definitions by freshlook, CibaVision.


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