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How to Choose Colored Contact Lenses for Men

Let's admit it. Men sometimes want to get a makeover. That is why the easiest and simplest way to do that is by trying out colored contact lenses. Colored contact lenses can take any ordinary eye color to extraordinary eye color. For men, it can be like a cosmetic that no one knows you are wearing.

Why try colored contact lenses for men?

Colored contact lenses for men can make them not only look outstandingly handsome and striking, but these lenses also help make them feel comfortable. These are great alternatives for men to wear at parties or events to sport a different look in an instant. Contact lens manufacturers are constantly trying to improve the features of the existing contact lenses; they are also active in designing innovations since the younger generations are very much attracted to it.

Trying colored contact lenses for men bring forth a change in their character by changing their eye color.

On choosing the best colored contact lenses:

  1. Different shades will work in a different way depending on whether you have a light or dark natural eye color. The depth and intensity of color also depends on the color of the contact lens you prefer as well as the brand.
  2. If you have a light eye color, then opt for a hue that will enhance your existing eye color. You can also just as easily go for colors such as: ocean blue, emerald green, aquamarine or amethyst that will instantly change any eye color with shades like gray, warm honey, chestnut brown, sapphire blue or jade green.
  3. For men who have a darker eye color, choose colored contact lenses such as: aqua, blue, topaz, brown, hazel, green or jade amongst others.
  4. Some colored contact lenses also offer 3-toned colors which are blended colors to create the illusion of having three colors in one lens. This permits both people who have natural and dark colored eyes to have various hues of colors.
  5. Once you decide on what colored contact lens you prefer, make sure that you examine the results both in indoor and outdoor light. You can do this by grabbing a mirror and going outside during daytime to be certain that the color you have chosen is good and visible in all types of light.

Popular choices of colored contact lenses for men

  1. Edward Cullen look - this is the number one most popular type of colored contact lenses. The amber color makes it a hit for men as well as girls alike. The best way to achieve this look is by trying on the Clearly Color Amber Ambition lenses, another choice is Freshlook Colorblends in Honey.
  2. Vampire looking lens - any type of this vampire looking lenses is a huge hit for guys, Vampire Red and White Out being the most popular. Another one making huge waves are the LeStat and Loius. These colored contact lenses are all available at Discount Contact Lenses and can be purchased as non-prescription (Plano) type of colored contact lenses. Affordable, since it only costs less than $40 per lens.
  3. Blue Angelic Colored Contact Lenses - a classic color perfect for clubbing.
  4. Green Colored Contact Lenses - this color would look good on any man, some great shades to try: Freshlook Colorblends Gemstone Green and Expressions Color Green.
  5. Baby Blue - these colored contact lenses are also very popular and the much sought after color for men. Natural Touch Baby Blue Lens is consistently the most popular light blue colored contact lenses; although the downside to it is that it costs much more than disposable contact lenses, hence they are more of an investment. AC Lens sells Natural Touch lenses for about $63 per lens.

No matter what your gender is, the key to effectively enhance your eye color is to keep it natural and also by taking note of your skin and hair color. Not only do colored contact lenses give a dose of instant changes on our looks but as well as like any other contact lenses, men who have visual problems benefit from them and help improve their peripheral vision without obstructing their view because of eyeglasses.


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