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How to Match Your Colored Contact Lenses With Your Makeup

If you've decided to buy a pair of colored contact lenses then you're probably trying to make a good impression on somebody. Well, you've made a great choice as they are a great way to stand out against a crowd of people, light shades of green and blue can give a persons face that extra wow quality, which so many young ladies want. These days colored contacts have gone through many changes and are no longer the uncomfortable and inconvenient lenses of the past; you can buy a set at a very reasonable price and in a thin variety for extra comfort. The ranges of color available to customers come in hundreds of different types of exotic shades, all of which can be used to give you a certain look depending on your personal preference.

If you are a young lady who also wears make up together with a pair of colored contacts, then it pays to be aware of certain color contrasts that give you a more natural look. Though it completely depends on the color of your skin and the shade of contact that you have chosen; some one with fair skin and green contacts wouldn't choose to wear blue and yellow eye shadow. Instead they should use an eye shadow color that compliments their green eyes, such as light green. It is important to get a natural subtle look, so for eye shadow colors always use a lighter shade of your contact color; if you have blue contacts, use a light blue shade. Bright and loud colors are fun, but they can give off an unbalanced and trashy feeling.

Tip: If you want your eyes to stand out use a lighter colored make up, darker colors will minimize their appearance.

There are 3 main eye colors brown, green and blue, with brown being the most common, the difference that sets everyone apart is the type of shade that they have. You may have a set of ordinary brown eyes, but in some cases they can be of such a light shade that they look hazel, the same occurs with very light blue eyes and they can start to look grey.

When attempting to get that perfect stunning look that attracts all the guys, you need to be concerned with 3 things your eye, skin and make up colors, the main goal is to get all of these areas to compliment each other. Everyone has different tastes, but there are specific colors that match each other and those that don't, most people say that you should match your eyeliner with your clothes, but the truth is, you can get much better affect if you match them closely with your eye color. The general rule of thumb is to try and match all three as closely as possible and you won't go wrong.

Blue Contacts Lenses

If you're going for a natural or subtle look then use a light blue shade of eyeliner, as mentioned before, this will push your eyes out. To really make a pair of light blue contacts pop, then use an earthy tone such as a brown with a slight purple tinge or a grayish color. To add a little more of a fun sweet feel then a touch of pink around the eyelids will work well with blue.

Green or Hazel Contacts Lenses

Green and hazel eyes work well on some one with darker toned skin, like a bronzed tanned look. Both of these color contact lenses work well with purple eyeliner, the contrast between these two colors gives them a more dramatic appearance. If you're planning to go out on the town for the night then try this special diva look; use an earthy mocha colored eyeliner with tinges of orange on the edges of your eyelids, finally curl those lashes up and darken them out. Why not experiment with the four complimentary colors until you find something you like, they are mainly earthy tones, purple, gold, taupe and mocha brown.

Brown Contacts Lenses

Finally last but not least brown colored contacts, not everyone's favorite, but an easy one to match with your make up. Brown contacts match with almost every color eyeliner, but to add a little zest to your appearance and make your baby browns stand out, use either a pink or green eye shadow. Some brown contacts contain small gold colored details to make them more authentic, if this is the case with yours then try a gold shimmer eye shadow. With brown eyes you are basically free to experiment to your hearts content, have fun and be creative, just watch out for too many loud colors.


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