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Contact Lens Guide: Who Shouldn't Wear Contacts Lenses

If you think that anybody can wear contact lenses at any time of the day and at any place, then I'm afraid to tell you that you are mistaken. There are a number of people who cannot wear contact lenses because it is just not practical and recommended either because of health conditions or because of the profession (work) they have.

Why some people cannot wear contact lenses?

There are a number of reasons why some just cannot stand to wear contact lenses. First, people who are suffering from dry eye disorder just cannot bear to have contact lenses on their eyes. Second, for people who see contact lenses as really useless to use. Like for example, those who are experiencing severe nearsightedness. Because no matter what and which type/s of contact lenses you use, they are only successful in correcting these conditions for only up to certain degrees.

Third, are for those who are allergic to contact lens solutions for cleaning, disinfecting the lenses. This is for the reason that whenever you clean your contact lenses and put them on afterwards, your body will tend to overreact to it. Studies have shown that diabetic people should also practice caution when using contact lenses because they are exposed and prone to infections that can result for their bodies not to endure even a mild infection and they might also take longer to deal with with it. Fourth, are for those people who have severe allergies, frequent eye infections and those who have a history of viral infection in the cornea.

Lastly, wearing contact lenses in certain occupations is just impractical and can even be harmful. For example, chemical engineers and people working in chemical factories are not advised to wear contact lenses. Since they are involved and exposed in direct handling of chemicals because the fumes of the chemicals are harmful to the lens which evidently, are damaging to the wearer's eyes.

Cosmetic contact lenses - NOT good for kids

Cosmetic contact lenses have come in fashion in a major way; even young ones try and experiment with their eyes to achieve a different look. Some parents may approve and spoil their kids with this. However, this is not advisable. Cosmetic contact lenses are not allowed for children to wear. The best time to try these on are during their adolescence stage. Because a child's eyes are still very delicate and it may not take well and adapt to the contact lenses. Since they are kids and they tend to be curious with the littlest things, contact lenses can be hazardous especially when no proper handling is observed.

Are Contact Lenses for You?

Whether or not contact lenses are a good option for you totally depends on:

  • Each individual's expectations and needs.
  • Whether or not you have the patience and incentive during the initial adjustment period to contact lens wear.
  • Adhering and observing proper guidelines for an effective wearing, cleaning, disinfecting and storing of contact lenses.
  • Your analysis and treatment of conditions that can prevent contact lens wear.

Sensitivities to Contact Lenses

Since contact lenses have become more and more advanced as years go by, certain people can not adjust and adapt to its changes. If you are experiencing some discomforts with your contact lenses, it is best to check with your eye doctor to make sure that your contact lenses fit with your eyes correctly. One may also have the need to switch contact lenses if you still continue to have troubles with your current contact lenses. Different contact lens manufacturer's use varying plastic materials, so searching for the right brand for your eyes may also be the issue. Furthermore, your eyes may also have a reaction due to the type of contact lens solutions you are using for cleaning your contact lenses. Try switching to other contact lens solution to see if this lessens any eye sensitivities.

Therefore, before you walk down the optician's door to buy a pair of contacts see to it that you are not among those who are warned by the eye experts to stay away from wearing contact lenses, for all they can do to you is harm.


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