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Contact Lens Solutions

Overall, contact lens solutions are used to take excellent care of your contact lens. Cleaning solutions come in various types which are readily available in the market. One should use the appropriate contact lens solution that is recommended to use for your contact lenses.

Types of Solutions

  1. Saline solution - for rinsing and storing when you're using a heat or UV disinfection system. This type of contact lens solution removes dirt, mucus and fragments accumulated by your contact lens during wear time. Contact lenses should be gently rubbed for few seconds in order for the fragments to loosen, then rinse with a saline solution
  2. Daily Cleaner - used in cleaning your contact lens
  3. Multipurpose Solution - a type of contact lens solution that's a combination intended to clean, rinse, disinfect and store contact lenses. With this type of solution, no other lens care products are required
  4. Hydrogen Peroxide Solution - for cleaning, disinfecting, rinsing and storing contact lens. This type of contact lens solution is easy to use, just place your contact lens in the basket provided and rinse, then place basket in its cap and pour solution to clean and disinfect your contact lens

Options of Contact Lens Solution for Sensitive Eyes

The Products:

  1. Enzymatic Cleaner - this product is used for removing protein from your contact lens, usually done on a weekly basis. Use the pill for disinfecting (either a multipurpose or hydrogen peroxide solution) as suggested.
    • - before using this type of contact lens solution product, clean and rinse contact lens using other products
  2. Eye Drops - used for lubricating eyes and rewetting your contact lens
  3. Daily Protein Remover - contact lens solution that also removes protein from your contact lens but in a liquid form and should be used on a daily basis
  4. Products for Sensitive Eyes - this helps people who are having allergic reactions to contact lens solutions

Which contact lens solution brands are the best?

  1. Opti-Free - known as the number 1 doctor recommended product for cleaning contact lenses. They have a variety of contact lens solutions to choose from:
    • Opti-Free Replenish Contact Solution - features a special formula that helps maintain and provides shield moisture between your eyes and your contact lens up to 14 hours. It offers a high-level of protection against bacteria and fungi. Available in 10 oz. bottles or a 4 oz. travel size bottle.
    • Opti-Free EXPRESS Lasting Comfort Formula - has triple action cleaning which provides lasting comfort with its no rub solution. Perfect for cleaning, disinfecting and storing of soft contact lenses. Also available in 10 oz. bottles or a 4 oz. travel size bottle.
    • Opti-Free GP - is a multipurpose solution for RGP or hard contact lenses which offers contact lens wearers all-in-one lens care, provides custom-based comfort based on your own natural tears, available in 3 oz. bottles.
    • Opti-Free Replenish Rewetting Drops - a type of contact lens solution that refreshes and moisturizes all types of contact lens. Available in single 10ml bottles.
    • Opti-Free SupraClens Daily Protein Remover - contact lens solution that has ingredients used to remove protein build-up deposits, available in 3 ml bottles
  2. Clear Care - ideal for soft contact lenses providing comfort and clearness of vision, also advisable for silicone hydrogel contact lens wearers
  3. AQuify Multipurpose Solution - provides convenience, comfort and excellent disinfection

101 on Contact Lens Care

  • Always remember to clean your contact lens accessories (lens case, sanitizing devices, etc) as instructed.
  • Avoid getting tap water on contact lens and accessories as this may carry bacteria that can cause serious eye diseases.
  • NEVER let the tips of your solution bottles touch any object or surface, as this may lead to contamination.
  • When not in use, clean lens cases with hot water and let it dry.
  • Discard and replace you contact lens case once a month to eliminate the risk of infection.

Take note that only your eye doctor can prescribe what contact lens solution products work best for you. All solutions used for cleaning, rinsing and disinfecting contact lenses should be discarded after the said expiry date. To avoid dry eyes, always make sure to follow the recommendations of your ophthalmologist for the cleaning and caring of your lenses.


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