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Contact Lens vs. Eyeglasses - Which Works Best?

For someone who has been wearing eyeglasses for a long time, you may be contemplating whether to make the change and switch to contact lens. But which works best? Which gives you more comfort, convenience and at the same time provide good vision? There has been a never ending debate as to whether contact lenses or eyeglasses are the better choice.

Let us first define what contact lens and eyeglasses are. Contact lenses are small visual devices which are made with curved pieces of plastic that is shaped in a way to contour the eye that provides synthetic refracting surface to the human eye and are used to correct poor vision. While eyeglasses are single framed lenses worn in front of the eye normally for eye protection and vision correction.

Comparison chart: Contact Lens vs. Eyeglasses

Contact Lens Eyeglasses
Gives more natural vision. Distance between the eye and lens sometimes become distorted.
You are in focus. This is essential for sports and driving, since you need to see as much around you as possible. Poor side vision.
Contact lenses are unaffected by weather and body heat There is a tendency for eyeglasses to fog up whenever there is a change in temperature.
Weightless and comfortable Constantly needs adjustment and tightening, can be uncomfortable at times since you feel its weight on your face and ears.
Matches everything you wear Eyeglasses need to complement your outfit. Since there are different frames, colors and designs, it gives the tendency to clash.
Contact lens does not precipitate and blur your vision. Eyeglasses become annoying when you wear it especially during winter or when it's snowing and raining.
Does not detract your natural appearance. Unnatural, there is a barrier between you and your surroundings.
Gives no distractions, especially with athletes they prefer wearing contact lenses. Eyeglasses become a distraction during games and sports.

But even if there are many differences, there are also some similarities between a contact lens and eyeglasses:

Both are affordable

When you consider wearing either contact lens or eyeglasses every day of your life, the amount you spend on them is far cheaper than let's say your wardrobe, car or housing repairs. Considering how invaluable contact lens and eyeglasses are to the quality of your life, they are very important.

Corrects astigmatism

Astigmatism (an unequal curving of one or more refractive surfaces of the eye, usually the cornea) can be corrected not only by eyeglasses (which many people assume) but also contact lens as well.

Both requires careful handling and cleaning

With eyeglasses, it must be sprayed and wiped many times in a day. While with contact lens, it needs varying degrees of handling and care depending on the type.

Why doesn't everyone wear contact lens?

Most ophthalmologists do not recommend contact lenses unless their patients specifically ask to wear it. Most people can wear contact lens. There are a number of contact lenses that correct almost every vision problem. Even if you prefer wearing eyeglasses, you can still wear contact lens on a short or part time basis to cater your needs. Wearing contact lenses are specifically a good choice for sports, leisure activities or for working out in the gym.

Along with the advantages of wearing contact lens over eyeglasses, there are also some adverse effects in wearing them:

- People have a tendency to have difficulty wearing contact lens especially if they have eye irritations due to allergies, dust or chemicals. Discomforts and medical conditions like: eye disease, overactive thyroid glands, extreme arthritis in the hands, severe diabetes, dry eyes associated to pregnancy, the use of contraceptives, diuretic (increased flow of urine) and intake of antihistamines and decongestants prevents a person from wearing and using contact lenses.

Why are eyeglasses still required?

Even when you prefer wearing contact lens all the time, you should still have up-to-date eyeglasses which you can use when you're not wearing your contact lens. For your own great safety and comfort, you should always remove your contact lens before sleeping, at least an hour before. One should also wear eyeglasses when you feel that your eyes are getting dry or become uncomfortable for some reason. If the discomfort persists, consult your eye doctor immediately.

Safety Factors: Way to a better eye health

First and foremost, studies have shown that while wearing contact lens is considered a safe alternative, still, many ophthalmologists still consider wearing eyeglasses to be a healthier way of improving one's vision compared to contact lens. For the reason that at times, contact lens tend to cause stress in the human eye - physical stress which increases the likelihood of having infection and diseases as well as increase the chances of having other eye problems.

To wear contact lens or eyeglasses really depends on the personal preference of a person. By weighing the factors of each type of eye wear, you will always be the one who is in a better position to determine whether contact lens or eyeglasses is the best choice for you.

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