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Colored Contact Lenses Care

Care and maintenance of colored contact lenses is no different from normal contact lenses. Basically, it involves two main steps, cleaning and lens disinfections. Cleaning involves the use of cleaner to remove dirt, pollen, oils, make-up and etc from the surface of the lens. While disinfections keep the lens free from bacteria, fungi and viruses that may cause infection.

First, you remove the lens from the eye and placed in the palm of the hand. Then, place two drops of the daily cleaner solution on the lens.  Gently rub the lens (so as the lens are not damaged) with the index finger to clean the lens. To remove the cleaner from the soft contact lenses, you should use a steady stream of saline solution. For hard or gas-permeable lenses, you can remove the cleaner by using ordinary tap water.

Now, the contact lenses are cleaned but not sterile. Sterilization involves placing the lenses in a case and filled with chemical disinfections solution. In general, it requires minimum of four hours to disinfect the lens completely. Finally, the lenses have to be thoroughly rinsed with saline solution (for soft lenses) or tap water (for hard and gas permeable lenses) prior to lens insertion.

Besides daily cleaning and disinfections, a weekly cleaner solution to remove protein deposits on soft contact lenses (lesser degree on gas-permeable and not used on hard contact lenses) is recommended. Due to daily cleaning do not always remove the protein deposit, the weekly cleaner solution is specially formulated to remove the protein from the surface of the contact lenses. Weekly cleaning should be done after daily cleaning but before sterilization.

Contact Lenses Fitting

Many people who are new to wearing contact lenses wonder how they will know if it is inside out, or right side up? If you place the lens on your finger and let it cup, then hold it directly in front of you and look at it on the side you'll see. If it is forming a U shape with the edges flared then it is inside out. If it is forming a U shape and the edges are not flared then it is correct. Also check your contact lenses when you get them to see if the manufacturer has marked them with a laser. If they have you'll be able to read the brand name if it is right side up, and if it is inside out you will not. If you mess up and place the lens in your eye the wrong way, don't worry. You won't hurt yourself, but it might not be comfortable!

Remember Not to Share

Remember to never share your contact lenses with friends. The idea of trying out someone else's color can be appealing, but remember that contact lenses are medical devices and are fitted to the individual wearer. They will not fit someone else if they are made for you, and vice versa. Also the personal cleanliness and hygiene factor needs to be considered. You'd probably never consider sharing someone else's toothbrush, so don't wear their contact lenses, or allow them to wear yours.

Taking care of your eyes is important, and the proper care and fitting should be maintained.


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