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Contact Lenses for Computer Users

Computers are widely used in almost every profession these days. Millions of people use computers in their every day life, be it be children or adults whether at work, in schools or at home.

However, incessant use of contact lenses for a long period of time can cause discomforts and eye conditions. Continuous wearing at times damages the eyes since we blink less frequently than we should causing the contact lens exterior to dry out which can lead to blurry vision and occasional distress.

What complications may arise when wearing contact lenses?

  1. Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)
    • -   This is the most common problem experienced by people, especially those who are working using their computers. Studies have shown that more or less 75% of the computer users' population is suffering some types of Computer Vision Syndrome. People who usually wear contact lenses and eyeglasses also find it complicated to focus for long hours on the computer screens.
  2. Dry Eyes
    • -   Dry eyes condition occurs when one blinks less because the surface of our contact lenses will experience dryness or excessive tear evaporation, which in turn results to discomforts and blurring of image. Smaller amount of tears are generated by computer users or the contact lens chemical arrangement is not sufficient, this is below the average times that a person should blink (normal blinking is once every 4-5 seconds). Blinking is very much important for wetting our eyes.
    • -   Tears produced by our eyes also varies on our age, the older we get the lesser we produce tears.
    • -   Another cause of dry eyes is due to the surroundings and environment we are in. Room temperatures (whether it is too hot or cold), drug usage, allergy reactions, infections, dust, wind and exposure to smoke can lead for our eyes to dry.
    • -   For computer users who wear contact lenses, they may not even notice that they have dry eyes unless they wear their contact lenses for a long period of time in front of the computer.
    • -   One can have dry eyes when he/she is experiencing some or all of these indications: uneasiness in the eyes after using computer, reading, red eyes, itchiness and the feeling that something is in your eye/s.

Remedies for Computer Users Wearing Contact Lenses

Certain types of contact lenses are particularly designed for people who use computers in their everyday lives. There are 3 types:

  1. Rigid Gas Permeable contact lenses
    • Polymeric materials are used in making these RGPs. This does not contain any water at all.
    • Water will not disperse in the contact lens exterior and will not obstruct oxygen flow in your corneas.
    • RGPs are the type of contact lenses that is highly recommended by eye doctors, mainly for those who are using computers and has a dry eye condition.
  2. Soft contact lenses
    • Having up to 70% water content, soft contact lenses are also made of polymeric materials. This gives the wearers a comfortable and moist fit throughout the day.
    • However, the down side to this is that as the day goes on, the water also evaporates causing for the contact lens to soak up tears that are from the eyes in order to stay wet.
  3. Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses
    • Many have started switching to silicone hydrogel since these recently developed contact lenses only have 30% water content which is lesser than most water content found in other contact lenses resulting for the contact lenses to be more moist for a long period of time.

Best Brands of Contact Lenses for Computer Users

  1. Acuvue Oasys
    • Created for people working and are computer users. Acuvue Oasys has the addition of Hydraclear Plus content, guaranteeing your eyes to stay fresh and damp all day decreasing your chances of having dry eyes.
    • It also has a UV blocking system protecting your eyes against harmful rays of UVA and UVB.
  2. Ciba Vision Air Optix
    • Air Optix has a distinct surface action verified to provide more moisture and clearer lens surface for that lasting comfort.
    • Made of silicone hydrogel that helps eyes breath normally since it has 5x more oxygen which shields your eyes from redness, dryness and irritations.

Guidelines for a More Comfortable Contact Lens Fit while Using Computers

  • Clean contact lenses correctly - remove any build-up of lipids and deposits with a contact lens solution
  • Re-soak lenses in contact lens solution - a few hours facing the computer, remove your contact lens and immerse in your solution then put it back on. By doing this, it will make you feel relieved allowing you to work uninterruptedly
  • Increase blinking - blink every 4-5 seconds to keep your lenses moist and wet, apply the 20/20/20 rule: after 20 minutes in the computer, stand and focus on an object 20 feet away for 20 seconds.


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