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Contact Lenses for Teenagers

At present time, there are a lot of teenagers that have vision troubles that needs corrective lenses. These can be a great resolution to all eye problems experienced by teenagers. Not only does it correct their vision perception, it also boosts their confidence and self-esteem.

Why are contact lenses advisable for teenagers to use?

The use of contact lenses for teenagers can greatly benefit them. For one, it gives them proper vision correction and it also reduces certain eye complications without the hassle of eyeglasses obstructing their faces. Studies have also shown results that a great number of teenagers feel more at ease with wearing contact lenses as compared to eyeglasses. They feel a sense of security and self-assurance when wearing contact lenses. Also, they do not feel conscious or anxious when wearing contact lenses. Contact lenses give the promise of quality, comfort and excellent visual improvement.

Contact lenses are extremely beneficial for teenagers who are active at sports or teenagers who love to stay outside (e.g. dancing and playing activities) can experience maximum performance and no interferences are experienced. Teenagers also find it less tedious to care for their contact lenses, since they are more comfortable and easier to handle because of today's modern technology. Plus, contact lenses are also available in different types (daily, extended, etc.) and colors that makes choosing contact lenses a fun task for teenagers.

At what age should teenagers start wearing contact lenses?

Recent studies have shown that teenagers in ages 11-13 are able to handle their contact lenses, understand its proper way to use, and how to clean and store them correctly. Pre-teens can also deal with contact lenses well. In fact, surveys have shown that most teenagers are often superior at caring for their contact lenses than adults.

A big factor in concluding what age can teens wear contact lenses is their sense of responsibility. For teenagers, to be responsible means that they are diligent in caring daily for their contact lenses. Eye care doctors are also a great help to determining at what age one can wear contact lenses, for the reason that eye examinations are required before you can get a hold of contact lenses.

How to get contact lenses for teenagers?

Every teen needs to undergo eye examinations for accurate contact lens fitting and correct prescription. This is a prerequisite so that the eye doctors can gauge your teenagers' precise base curve and diameter. Teenagers also need to do this for their eyes to be examined whether or not they are in perfect condition. In addition to that, your teenagers' eye care doctor will also demonstrate the correct way of inserting, removing, cleaning, disinfecting and storing their contact lenses.

Gas Permeable Contact Lenses: Best Alternative for Teenagers

Gas permeable (GP) contact lenses are said to be the best choice of contact lenses that teenagers can wear. The following are some reasons as to why GP's are the best option:

  1. They offer you better vision - Gas permeable contact lenses are designed to stay in shape even when rigorous activities are done and especially when you blink these contact lenses stay in focus. These also offer a comfortable and clear, crisp vision. GP contact lenses also supply you great side vision since it covers your entire field of view.
  2. They are sturdy and easy to handle - Unlike other soft contact lenses that can be easily torn apart, these contact lenses are made with a much firmer and durable material that's difficult to break. GP contact lenses are easy to clean because all you have to do is stroke them with the proper cleaning solution, immerse in disinfectants and store them afterwards.
  3. They help you look more attractive - Looking good is always important, especially during teenage years where peer pressure is often present. It gives them a more natural looking persona and a hassle-free experience.
  4. They are more inexpensive - GP's are more affordable compared to other contact lenses, adding to that, GP contact lenses also last longer.
  5. They are healthy - Gas permeable contact lenses are created to let more oxygen pass through the lens and into the eyes. These also fight off bacteria build-ups.

Contact lenses for teenagers are a safe and an effective way of repairing their vision. By being responsible and with proper handling, one can be guaranteed of a hassle-free and happy contact lens wear time.


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