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Three Cool Contact Lenses to Make you Stand Out

Regular glasses come in a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes; there's thick frames, oval, round or even frameless glasses, all of these both help to correct your eyesight and add a trendy fashionable edge to your overall appearance; but what about contact lenses? These days more and more people with sight difficulties are choosing to wear lenses instead of regular frames; those days of contacts being thick uncomfortable wedges that hurt your eyes after long use are finally over. In fact new contacts have developed into thin comfortable lenses made with high water content materials to reduce eye damage; there is also no need to buy hundreds of different cleaning and storage solutions, instead the new all in one mixture is more than adequate. Though the best thing about buying contacts today is the price, the average cost for a pair of standard contacts and all the extra accessories is now substantially lower than buying your self a pair of prescription glasses.

Like framed glasses, contacts also come in a variety of different styles depending on where you plan on wearing them, for example if you're looking to make a good first impression then you might want to consider colored contacts or opaque color enhancing lenses to add a deep alluring dimension to your face. If you're into late night partying then why not get fully in the mood and surprise your friends wearing some of the fun and creative custom styled designs, these can give you a set of animal eyes, black pupils, bulls eye targets or smiley faces. For a better idea of the different trends of cool contact lenses available at your local opticians, here are a few ideas for your next pair of lenses:

Top Color Contact Trends

You don't have to be short sighted to wear a pair of colored contacts, they come in a fantastic range of shades which can either add vibrancy to your natural eye color or completely change the shade of your pupils. These days it's not only girls wanting beautiful baby blues, after the Twilight vampire films 3 colors of contacts lenses suddenly sold very well with males, deep blue, green and amethyst. There are 2 main types of colored contacts, there is the opaque forms that basically have the color printed onto the lens front; these will completely cover your natural pupils and are perfect for anyone with darker eyes wanting a new shade of blue or green. Then there are the enhancer lenses which are tinted with a particular color, these either enhance or mix with your natural eye tones, for example a person with deep blue eyes could use an opaque amethyst to give themselves a fresh look.

Circle contact lenses

This particular type of contact lens is very popular in Japan and South Korea at the moment, where fans of the anime cartoons want to imitate their favorite female characters that have cute big eyes. Now they're also becoming a must have accessory for the trendy Western youth culture, brought into the lime light through the Lady GaGa music videos. Circle contact lenses are basically colored contacts with larger iris's added so it appears as if your eyes are larger than normal, they come in a number of different colors from shades of brown through to light sky blues. Circle contacts can be bought online without a prescription for very cheap, but always search around for a decent supplier and check the user testimonials and reviews before settling on one brand name.

Novelty lenses

This type of lens wasn't really made for everyday use, in fact they don't come in a prescription varieties, so anyone with short or long sight vision won't be able to wear them. They are great for making an impact on your friends during a weekend party and will definitely draw a lot of attention to your face. There are several different designs available for you to get the look that you're after, some of the more popular types include, snake eyes, black pupils, smiley faces, dollar signs, red eyes and bulls eye targets; what ever look you're after there is a very good chance that it is available. When choosing novelty contact lenses always go for a well known manufacturer, because unlike circle and colored contacts they are thicker and contain more colored material. Always store them in an all in one solution and don't use them over the use by date, with novelty lenses this will only be at most a month.


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