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Achieve Animated Eyes with Cosplay Contact Lenses

Modern technologies and scientific advances have progressed throughout the years. Alongside many developments of vehicles, food and clothing, contact lenses are also up-to-date. With many colors and styles to choose from, contact lenses and color contact lenses have become a daily part of our lives. Be it for dressing-up when occasions arise or when you just want to change your look.

What is Cosplay?

Let us first define what Cosplay means. Cosplay, in short for "costume play" is a form of performance art in which contestants dress themselves in costumes and accessories in order to characterize a specific character or idea. These characters are often imitated from Japan's famous popular fiction. Some favorite resources are: anime, graphic stories, comic books, fantasy movies, video games, hentai and the very popular manga.

This also includes character representation and theatrical interpretations that is done by role playing. Costumes are pre-requisites from head to toe, which is why Cosplay contact lenses were invented to go with the said costumes. After all, it is not only the body that you can dress but as well as the eyes.

What are Cosplay contact lenses?

Cosplay contact lenses are also known as dramatic contact lenses. Most of them are not for improving or repairing vision problems. These contact lenses are intended to be used as part of a costume. These lenses present an extremely unique paint and design to complete any Cosplay get-up. There are 2 basic varieties:

  • Lenses that are fashioned to look like s specific character.
  • More common contact lenses that one can use for portraying different characters.
  • Cosplay lenses are intended to last up to a year and is sold as a pair. It takes about 3 to 4 weeks to have it totally painted. The more complicated contact lenses should be special ordered within 3 to 4 weeks before the occasion since they are hand painted.

Some best-selling Cosplay contact lenses include: Big Eyes contact lenses, Circle contact lenses and Sasuke contact lenses. Cosplay contact lenses gives your outfit an additional level of realism and help you stand out from the crowd.

About Cosplay Labs

Cosplay Labs are companies that provide comprehensive costumes right down to the eye color. These companies are the official seller of Cosplay contact lenses. There contact lenses come in 3 different groups:

  • Cosmic Eyes - or Wild Eyes collection that is designed for people who only fancy changing their eye color. This Cosplay contact lenses primary use is for changing your eyes color and does not have any corrective power.
  • Immortal Eyes - a collection that is for cosmetic effects. These contact lenses can last up to 1 year but is advisable to be used occasionally.
  • Idol Eyes - intended for theatrical use that also comes in different corrective powers. These are spheric daily contact lenses that are suggested for occasional use only. People with astigmatism are not advised to wear this type of contact lens.

Different Designs of Cosplay Contact Lenses (most popular)

  1. Black Out - glossy black Cosplay contact lenses that are perfect for gothic styles
  2. White Out - totally covers your eye color so that the only thing that can be seen is your black pupil, perfect for zombie style outfits
  3. TerrorEyes Pink - Cosplay contact lenses that's perfect for girly costumes or a fancy dress theme
  4. TerrorEyes Werewolf - perfect for people who wants to give the effect of werewolves and scare people who look into their eyes
  5. Voldemort - perfect look to finish off your Voldemort costume
  6. Usagi Tsukino - Cosplay contact lenses that are perfect for Sailor Moon Cosplay costumes
  7. Volturi - contact lenses that have a deep red color with black outer ring for extra drama, great for people with vampire costumes

Standard Use of Cosplay contact lenses

No matter what type of contact lenses you want to have, may it be corrective or cosmetic, having a prescription is still compulsory in the United States. Cosplay contact lenses are intended for occasional (maximum of 4 hours a day) wear, so the wearer must not sleep when wearing them. Cosplay contact lenses also entails habitual cleaning and correct proper care.

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