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Designer Contact Lenses - The Newest Eyewear Trend for 2011

As the saying goes - "Thousand verses can be written and a hundred battles can be fought for a beautiful pair of eyes." Contact lenses come in various shapes and colors which changes one's eye appearance. Different hues and shades are readily available to suit the needs of every person. People love the idea of being able to transform their look. The newest trends in contact lenses are the designer contact lenses which can add sparkle to the eyes, sometimes with added colors and sometimes without.

Designer contact lenses are also known as "Luxury contact lenses" since luxury designers has also created their own line of contact lenses. The designer's logos or initials are embedded on the lens making the eyewear branded. People using designer contact lenses can easily flash and flaunt their designer eyes to everyone; these are specifically good for individuals who are brand-conscious.

Different Types of Designer Contact Lenses

  1. Swarovski Sparkle contact lens
    • Last 2008, design company Designboom and Swarovski held a design competition called "Crystal Vision". This was participated by designers coming from all over the parts of the globe who were challenged to use Swarovski crystals in a new and creative way.
    • Anthony Mailler from India who won 2nd place came up with the idea of putting the crystals in a circle crafted along the edge of the contact lens. He called his creation "Sparkle".
    • This was a successful attempt to enhance the expression of one of our most expressive features: our eyes.
    • A must-have for party people, particularly women who loves to set their own fashion trends.
    • However, there are still no further news about the manufacturing and distribution of this type of designer contact lenses.

  2. Sparkles Gold contact lens
    • These designer contact lenses are made from specialty lens distributor Marietta Vision.
    • Sparkles Gold contact lenses are soft contact lenses. A Plano type contact lens (does not provide any vision correction), this does not change the color of your eyes but it enhances your natural eye color and gives your eyes a golden sparkle and shine around the edges of your iris (colored part of the eye) which makes ones eyes appear larger and more appealing.

  3. Cellini Gold contact lens
    • These innovative designer contact lenses make a statement of its own.
    • Incorporates one-of-a-kind gold sparkles for a truly alluring effect.
    • Designer contact lenses made by Marietta Vision.
    • Prescription lenses are available from -6.0 to 0.0 power.

  4. Freshlook Radiance contact lens
    • Made by major contact lens manufacturer CIBA Vision.
    • These designer contact lenses are soft contact lenses which adds a deeper shade and metallic sparkle to you eye's natural color. Created to illuminate ones eyes without changing their natural color.
    • Freshlook Radiance Contact Lens can be bought for vision correction or as Plano lenses.
    • A distinct transparent layer reflects the light giving a pearlescent luster (which capture and reflects the light) - creating an exotic, mystical look.
    • Colors Sunrise gold and Autumn bronze are best for dark-colored eyes while Eden green and Moonlight silver are designed for light-colored eyes.
    • Where to buy:
      1. DiscountContactLenses - $28.76 per box (containing 6 lenses per box)
      2. ACLens - $27.86 per box (contains 6 lenses per box)

  5. Dior contact lens
    • Everyone loves their clothing, sunglasses, handbags and make-up and this is one more thing to love. These are bold designer contact lenses which were designed by John Galliano.
    • These are not your average contact lenses which cover the eyes but instead, they encircle the iris and add drama to the eyes.
    • Dior used a unique technique, creating the illusion of either a black or gold shimmery ring around ones eyes.
    • Dior contact lens last for up to 2 months and comes in an attractive, silver box with a sliding case and mirror to match.
  6. Nike MaxSight contact lens
    • Designed specifically for sports to obtain clear visual acuity and protection for athletes to perform at their maximum advantage.
    • Developed in partnership with Bausch & Lomb, Nike MaxSight is a tinted soft contact lens that is pretty much like sunglasses. It reduces and filters out 95% of UVA and UVB and also more than 90% of blue light.
    • In addition, this designer contact lens reduces environmental effects that sunglasses can at most times obstruct like scratching, fogging, additional weight and glass frames to hinder vision. Also eliminating frequent squinting and light leakage resulting for the eyes to perform and relax naturally.
    • Where to buy:
      1. Nike - $47.49 per box (prescription is required)
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