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Colored contact lenses have become a popular item in our society. Many people like the idea of being able to change eye color on a whim. Going from green to brown to violet to blue brings a whole new meaning to finding out how the other half lives. These colored contact lenses can include your corrective prescription, or they can be simply for cosmetic purposes. But whatever your reasons, like anything else paying too much is not a good idea. And that brings up the question: where do I find discount colored contact lenses?

The old traditional method of going to a brick and mortar store still has appeal to some, and if you choose to go to a store in your town, then ask your friends about their experiences. Then ask your eye doctor. You'll need an eye exam and a prescription first anyway before buying your colored contact lenses, so find out what places have good reputations in the doctor's opinion. However, when you do your shopping you'll probably find that going online will save you quite a bit of money.

Saving Money with Online Purchases

Many purchasers have discovered that they can save from 40% to 70% on discount colored contact lenses by using discount vendors online. These vendors generally sell the same lenses from the exact same manufacturers and made in the same factory as the big chain stores. They can sell for less because they have higher volume and lower overhead. Their lenses come from reputable companies like CIBA vision, Bausch & Lomb, Johnson and Johnson Vision Products and others. They can sell for less because they don't need as much profit to come out ahead. They don't have shoplifting, they don't have the high labor cost, they don't have fittings, and they don't pay rent. Also many of the discount online companies sell literally thousands of pairs of contact lenses each day, so less profit per sale still adds up for them, unlike brick and mortar stores.

Ordering Discount Color Contact Lenses Online

It is usually safe, convenient and pleasant when you order discount colored contacts online. However, remember that there are some bad apples out there and you need to protect yourself from them. Some disreputable companies out there keep only very small inventories of the most popular contacts. If the lens you need isn't one of the most common they might have to order it, causing a delay in the arrival of your contact lenses. Email the company and ask them how long your order will take and if they offer a guarantee. And when you order, pay with a credit card. If you had problems the charge could always be disputed which gives you more leverage in trying to solve the problem. This is just to be on the safe side though. Nevertheless, most people have very positive experiences ordering discount colored contact lenses online. Here are few highly reputable online companies that have been selling discount colored contact lenses online for many years:

DiscountContactLenses.com have been selling contact lenses for 10 years. DiscountContactLenses.com is an authorized contact lens retailer by all of the major contact lens manufacturers and you can be sure that the lenses that they stock in their custom-built warehouse are the same ones prescribed to you by your doctor.

AC Lens has been selling contact lenses online since 1996. They have shipped millions of contact lenses to customers in all 50 states in the USA and in over 100 countries worldwide. AC Lens is certified by Better Business Bureau and all their sales carry an unconditional 30-Day money back guarantee. Should you have any questions on contact lenses, you can take advantage of the online consultation with their staff doctors of optometry entirely free of charge.


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