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Dual Tone Color Contact Lenses - Creating More Striking Eyes

Colored contact lenses are worn by almost anyone, whether or not their eyes need vision correction. However, most people wear color contact lenses for cosmetic purposes. They want to achieve more attractive and arresting eyes. With the countless choices of colors and patterns of contact lenses that are available for purchase, one can get confused.

Cosmetic color contact lenses come in a variety of styles. The introduction of dual tone color contact lenses are considered to be the answer to all contact lens wearers who want to have two eye colors in just a single pair of contact lens.

What are dual tone color contact lenses?

Dual tone color contact lenses are any contact lens that has two distinct shades (two tones) of color in the lenses that significantly boosts your eyes. This is achieved for the reason that dual tone color contact lenses are designed to have two coatings of color pigment. The result - an immediate enhancement of your eye color and it also makes your eyes appear bigger and better, creating a wide-eyed look effect.

These contact lenses instantaneously grant a beautiful look to your eyes. Unlike standard single color contact lenses, dual tone color contact lenses can change the natural color of your eyes into a rich and bright eye color. For people who wants to have a more enhanced color definition and a profound color contrast. Most contact lens wearers go for dual tone color contact lenses because of these numerous benefits it can give.

Can dual tone color contact lenses be purchased without any eye prescription?

The answer is YES. You can obtain dual tone color contact lenses either with prescription or without prescription. Some dual tone color contact lenses have corrective powers, so people with eye problems can also sport these contact lenses.

Dual tone color contact lenses are intended to be made as soft contact lenses to provide handiness and 100% comfort to the wearer. In addition to that, dual tone color contact lenses are also offered as daily disposables, weekly disposables and extended wear.

For dark-colored or light-colored eyes?

Dual tone color contact lenses can be worn regardless of what eye color you have. However, people with natural dark-colored eyes can benefit more from dual tone color contact lenses compared to people whose eyes have light colors, especially people who have brown to dark brown eyes because dark brown eyes are like blank canvases, when dual tone color contact lenses are put on, total transformation can be effortlessly seen.

What are the available colors of dual tone color contact lenses?

Dual tone color contact lenses are offered in the following colors:

  • Dual Violet - when you want to create a dramatic impact especially during events, parties, weddings, etc., the best dual color contact lens that you can wear for special occasions where you want to be noticed
  • Dual Gray - perfect for people who wants to have a toned-down look but still with a hint of color change
  • Dual Jade Green - gives off a sparkle in your eyes that shines through, it also blends well with any eye color
  • Dual Green - best way to catch every person's attention, also makes your eyes seem larger and it adds more depth
  • Dual Hazel Brown - suitable for any eye color, gives a fresh new look that you have always wanted to achieve, very natural looking so people will not notice anything but instead be amazed with your 2 eye colors
  • Dual Blue - when you want a fresh new look, dual blue contact lenses are the best choice to go for because the color itself speaks volumes, very radiant, sparkling, eye-catching and deep
  • Dual Aqua
  • Dual Brown
  • Dual Honey Brown
  • Dual Crystal Brown


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