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Free Colored Contact Lenses

With all the hype about using colored contact lenses to alter eye color, many people are looking for free colored contact lenses to assist them in making the right choices when choosing colored contact lenses. Fortunately, some companies do offer free trial pair colored contact lenses that are worn once and then disposed of. But you'll have to search for these offers as the supplies are limited and the promotions don't last very long. 

Before you begin your research you should read the following advice so that you'll know what to expect when trying color contact lenses.

Can I try my friend's colored contact lenses on?

Never share contact lenses with anyone. Harmful bacteria can be transferred from eye to eye and result in eye infections, corneal ulcers, scarring of eye tissue and in severe cases, loss of eyesight. Just as you'd never share your toothbrush, never share contact lenses.

Do I have to have a prescription for free trial pair colored contact lenses?

You'll need a prescription from you doctor before you can order colored contact lenses. Even if you're buying them for cosmetic purposes and don't need vision correction, you'll still need to see your eye care provider.

Your eye care provider will make sure you are a good candidate for colored contact lenses and ensure that you are properly fitted for them. Proper fitting of a contact lens is essential to eye health and improper fitting can lead to a permanent loss of vision.

Your doctor can also provide you with tips in the care and cleaning of contact lenses as well as hygiene practices that can minimize your risk of eye injury.

Will companies send a set of free colored contact lenses to me to sample?

Obviously, it would be nice if you could first try out different colors contact lenses to find one that match your skin and hair color. Some companies offer promotional offers in which they will send you a set of free sample colored contact lenses for a one time use so that you can compare their product to others. You'll be asked for a prescription from your doctor and your mailing address. In return you'll receive a free trial pair and coupons towards the purchase of additional pairs.

A few companies will offer you a free sample of a different color with your already paid order for color contact lenses so that you can experiment with other colors and designs. These companies require the purchase of at least one set before they will send you a free sample. In general, all you need to pay is just a small amount of service charge (in the range of US $5.99) for shipping and handling cost. Till end of 2004, CIBA Vision is offering a free wardrobe called 'Freshlook Fashion Color Collection' that comes in three pairs of colored contact lenses for customer who purchase four or more boxes of Freshlook colors contact lenses or Focus Softcolors.

In general, the free colored contact lenses have limited colors to choose from. Typically all free sample offers are for cosmetic use only and do not offer vision correction. Moreover, some of these free trial pair colored contact lenses carry a 'DEMO' mark at the side of the lenses. Though free colored contact lenses have these limitations, but it is still a good and low cost option to help you to determine the colors you want.

Where can I find free colored contact lenses to samples?

If you're interested in trying colored contact lenses, you should see your eye care provider. He or she will be able to direct you to a company that may offer free samples.

The Internet is a great source of information for those searching for free colored contact lenses as there are plenty of free trial pair colored contact lenses sample available. You can compare companies, prices, styles and colors of contact lenses from the comfort of your own home so that you will be able to make informed decisions and assess your needs in a colored contact lens. You can try out a free pair of FreshLook color contacts by CIBA Vision by submitting an online form and get a free trial pair certificate redeemable with your eye care professional here.


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