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Advantages & Disadvantages of Using Gas Permeable (GP) Contact Lenses

The most common type of contact lenses are the soft contact lenses. However, there is a category of contact lenses which are lesser-known and these are: the gas permeable contact lenses (also known as RGP's) and lenses that are oxygen permeable.

Definition of Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

There are 3 types of contact lenses: the PMMA lenses (or hard contact lenses) which were used way back then, soft lenses that are made from gel-like plastic (most universal kind of contact lens) and lastly the GP contact lenses. GP contact lenses are rigid, yet these should not be puzzled with the "old-style hard contact lenses" which are now outdated.

During late 1970's gas permeable contact lenses were first presented. Most GPs has silicone which makes them more flexible as compared to PMMA. Since silicones are oxygen permeable, this permits oxygen to pass through the cornea and to the gas permeable contact lenses producing improved eye health and superior comfort. As a matter of fact, oxygen is more transmitted by GPs as compared to the conventional contact lenses.

Gas permeable contact lenses also present enhanced vision, deposit resistance and stability than soft contact lenses. It's easier to clean and because they are long-lasting, patients can save more in the long run.

Why GP lenses are very comfortable to wear?

Gas permeable contact lenses are custom made for every individual. Your eye doctor will measure your eyes for the accurate fitting of the shape of your cornea and recommend lenses with the size, corrective power and curvature that suits your eyes.

Technology advancements have also made GP contact lenses thinner in design, larger diameters and with added consistency of smooth edges than ever before. Furthermore, eye doctors are already using modern methods to map a person's eye topography which allows the back surface of the lens to align with the cornea.

What GP contact lenses offer:

  • Clear vision
  • Deposit resistant
  • Excellent eye health
  • Good value

Advantages of Gas Permeable contact lenses

GP contact lenses presents exceptional benefits over soft contact lenses. The following are some of its benefits:

  • Since GP contact lenses are made out of rigid material, when you blink it still maintains its shape well.
  • They are very durable; they won't tear readily like soft contact lenses.
  • Materials in making gas permeable contact lenses does not contain water, resulting for build-ups like lipids and proteins to not hold as easily as they do to soft contact lenses.
  • When you take care of your GP contact lenses correctly, they may last for years (given that there will be no changes in your prescription).

Situations wherein GPs Excel

  • A person who is selective regarding the quality of their vision.
  • For people who have presbyopia since GPs come in bifocal or Multifocal designs. In addition to that, most people agree that GP contact lenses gives the best combination of visual acuity (near or far).
  • For people who are suffering from astigmatism wherein soft contact lenses can not provide the desired visual acuity.
  • For people who have a condition called keratoconus (wherein the shape of the cornea is cone-shaped which causes intense visual deformation).
  • For people who need contact lenses after undergoing refractive surgery.

Disadvantages of Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

  • In order to achieve maximum comfort with gas permeable contact lenses, one is required to wear them habitually.
  • Unlike soft contact lenses, when you stop wearing your GP contact lenses say for about a week or two there is a tendency that you will need some time again to adjust and be comfortable with your GP lenses.
  • For others, they might experience a "spectacle blur" when wearing GPs. Particularly when you remove your gas permeable contact lenses, your vision becomes blurry even when you wear eyeglasses.

Suggested brands for GP contact lenses

  1. Boston 07 - GP contact lenses produced by Polymer Technology
    • -  these are custom lenses which are specifically made to the exact specifications of your prescription
    • -  this GPs has an established record of international success of premium extra-oxygenated GP contact lens material with outstanding stability
    • -  Where to purchase? Go and check this website: Discount Contact Lenses
  2. Boston Equalens RGP- GP contact lenses that are a perfect choice for people who have extra sensitive eyes or for those who are experiencing dry eyes and astigmatism

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