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Lighten Up Dark-colored Eyes with Gray Colored Contact Lenses

What is one of the most appealing and talked about accessory that you can have? The answer to that is colored contact lenses. Teenagers and adults, males and females love wearing color contact lenses for festivities, social gatherings or just as a fashion statement during regular days at work or in school.

Different shades of contact lenses are available and can be worn by almost everyone. But as you may not know, not all colors complement everyone's look and personality. A particular shade may suit you but not on your friend. It all depends with your hair and skin coloring. And one particular shade of color contact lenses that flatter almost every person is gray.

Why gray contact lenses are the best shade for people with dark eye colors?

Gray contact lenses may not be the most popular choice of contact lens wearers but it is the most flattering of all shades present. These contact lenses may be an unusual color for your eyes since it is quite softer than other colors of contact lenses but what is best about it is that one may not notice it from afar and it might seem natural but up-close, gray contact lenses are attractive, striking and powerful. Because of its depth, it gives off a mystery and sensitivity to your persona adding an understated air of style and classiness to you personality. Gray contact lenses are very interesting since it is between different and wild. When people look at you, you give off a positive aura resulting for people to respond to you positively as well.

Having dark-colored eyes is a challenge for most people for the reason that not all color contact lenses look good on dark eyes. Gray contact lenses are a good choice to go for. Most people, especially women choose this color because it goes flawlessly well with their dress and make-up and it exudes a stunning look to the eyes.

This type of color does not change the way one sees color. These are designed in a way that permits a transparent circle for you to see through. Gray contact lenses produce a hue in the eyes showing off a gleaming and captivating look. People wearing gray contact lenses won't notice any color difference but the person looking at you will definitely notice your new eyes.

Gray contact lenses in an opaque tint or transparent tint are also the best option when choosing what color is best for your eyes. Particularly people who have natural dark eye colors pick opaque contact lenses since this enhances the entire eyes in a beautiful way.

Another advantage of gray contact lenses is that it is the most successful way of changing your look instantly without being too drastic. There are no rules when it comes to wearing gray contact lenses since this color can be worn everyday unlike some colors that are just not convenient for daily use. Also, there is no need to be concerned whether or not it can be worn during the day and night.

Different Shades of Gray Contact Lenses

There are quite a few different shades of gray contact lenses present these days; you can choose which suits your look best from the following:

  1. Gray
  2. Pearl Gray
  3. Misty Gray
  4. Marble Gray
  5. Sultry Gray
  6. Sterling Gray
  7. Ice Gray
  8. Light Gray
  9. Dark Gray

Which brands of gray contact lenses are the best for people having dark eye colors?

  1. Freshlook Colorblends by Ciba Vision - The famous monthly color contact lenses preferred by most people since it exceptionally complements dark eye colors. These are fashioned to emulate the human eye - the edges are darker while getting lighter towards the middle with an imprinted design.
  2. Acuvue 2 Colours - Contact lenses in Pearl Gray that are ultra-thin and comfortable, giving your eyes natural-looking color to match your mood and turn heads everyday with or without vision correction.
  3. Illusions by Ciba Vision - Creating dramatic yet natural and beautiful eye color transformation to dark eye colors.
  4. TruColor - These are monthly disposable colored contact lenses providing you exceptional eye color changes.

If you are one of those people belonging to the group with dark eye colors then you must try wearing gray contact lenses, an exciting eye color change that looks natural to the naked eye.


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