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Give your Eyes a Dramatic Impact with Green and Brown Contact Lenses

Colored contacts have come a long way since they were first introduced several years ago; if you tried the older version of colored contacts then you'll be aware of how uncomfortable they used to be. In the past people only had the option of year long lenses that were made of an extra thick material, which would give you dry itchy eyes. These initial brands were similar to the contacts being used as special effects in Hollywood films, which obviously didn't have the comfort or health of the customer in mind.

These days colored contacts have undergone an extensive development period and are now available in a very comfortable thinner variety, that look natural and can give a person unique looks. Whether you are short or log sighted or even if you have astigmatism you can wear a pair of colored contacts and make your self look great.

How to Choose the Right Dramatic Color for You

Choosing a color that gives a dramatic effect and makes your eyes stand our on your face, you should match the lens color with your skin tone. For example people with light skin should always go for contacts that compliment their tone like light blue.

Currently the most popular colored contacts are brown and green or specifically hazel brown and emerald green. These two colors work the best on people with naturally brown colored eyes, which comes as no surprise as brown is the most common eye color. Also both brown and green colored eyes compliment people with medium to dark skin tones and can give them a dark, mysterious feeling.

Choosing the Right Contacts to Make your Eyes Stand Out

Opaque Color Contacts

If you're after a dramatic affect and want to draw more attention to your face, then for those with naturally dark brown eyes you should go for opaque colored contacts. Opaque lenses are specifically designed to completely cover up your natural eye color giving you the brand new look that you're after; you can even change your brown eyes into a light green color.

Two highly recommended contact lens types for both dramatic green and hazel colored contact lenses is Acuvue 2 color Opaque contacts by Acuvue and Freshlook Colorblends from Ciba Vision. The first color blend variety comes in chestnut, hazel green, jade green and warm honey; these lenses have a high water content making them very comfortable to wear and the addition of water also give your eyes a beautiful sparkle. The second colorblends come in brown, green and hazel all of which have an amazingly detailed appearance. Each color blend lens is made up of 3 separate layers which have been compressed together to give an extra depth to your eye.

Enhancements Color Contacts

To give your eyes more impact you can also go for enhancement colored contacts, which like the name reads, enhances you eyes making them pop. Enhancement lenses are made from a translucent material that has been tinted with a particular color or printed with a special pattern. These are commonly used by people who have already got very light blue, green or hazel eyes, they can brighten up a pair of eyes or you can mix your natural color with another color to give a unique effect. For example, if you have blue eyes you could wear a pair of emerald green enhancement contacts and it would look like you have green eyes with flakes of blue. If you have brown eyes a good idea is to use emerald green enhancement lenses, so it seems as though the green is fading into the brown, which are two colors that compliment each other very well.

A couple of good quality brands for enhancement contact lenses are Acuvue Color 2 Enhancers and Freshlook Dimensions by Ciba Vision. The Acuvue color 2 enhancers has a similarly high comfort level as all of Acuvues other contact lens products, though this enhancer lens only comes in 3 colors Aqua, blue and green. The Freshlook Dimensions by Ciba have four very vibrant mixed colors to choose from, autumn, sunrise, eden and moonlight, each of these are made up of separate layers that don't fully obscure your natural eye color. These contacts have been deigned to capture and reflect sunlight giving your eyes a shimmering glow, which will definitely give you a desired affect.

So to get that dramatic effect that makes you stand out from the rest, go for an green or hazel brown opaque lens if you have brown eyes and dark skin. If on the other hand you have fair skin with light blue or green eyes, it's recommended that you go for the enhancement colored contact lenses in either the same color as your natural eyes or a hazel brownish/yellow color if you have light green eyes.


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