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Illuminate Your Eyes with Green Contact Lenses

The launch of colored contact lenses has undeniably generated a new obsession within the contact lens market. Colored contact lenses are predominantly fashionable among the young generation. They do these to suit their moods as well as change their looks.

Why green color contact lenses are considered to be one of the most popular color choice of contact lens wearers?

Did it ever cross your mind to try sporting green contact lenses? Most people believe that using green contact lenses can make them look spooky. But for some, wearing contact lenses in a green color can improve their aura and add an exciting allure to their look.

Green contact lenses can be bought anywhere since it is readily available in the market plus, they are incredibly versatile too. It goes with almost any kind of clothing, may it be a casual or tailored apparel, in costume or in house clothing. Green contact lenses are a fun alternative when you want to change your look.

Benefits of Wearing Green Contact Lenses

There are a lot of benefits that green contact lenses offer aside from the fact that it can change the color of your eyes. The following are some of its advantages:

  1. Green contact lenses entirely covers up your eyes natural color, it gives the sphere of your eyes a speck of enhancement as well as brightening up your entire face.
  2. Because the color green is such a soothing and relaxing color, you are assured that you get the best color out of all the colored contact lenses that are offered.
  3. From light green to dark green, you can choose what shade of green you prefer since it has so many variations you can choose from.
  4. Color green represents health and safety; it also makes you look clean and invigorated all the time.
  5. Since green eyes are not commonly seen, wearing green contact lenses will definitely make you stand out and make people notice.

What are the different shades of green contact lenses available?

  • Green - for light and dark eye colors who wants a faint eye color change
  • Willow Green - shade that emphasizes the eyes because of its dark outer ring
  • Green Envy - a bold green tone that with a hint of blue for striking eye color transformation
  • Emerald Green - boosts and brightens up light colored eyes
  • Jade Green - either for light or dark eye colors, completely changes your natural eye color
  • Gemstone Green - a vivid green color
  • Soft Green - natural looking green shade
  • Sea Green - a translucent green color
  • Evergreen - brownish to green color contact lens
  • Dark Green
  • Olive Green
  • Aqua Green
  • Lime Green

How to choose the perfect green contact lens for you?

Just like any other color contact lenses, choosing green contact lenses requires understanding of your appearance, your natural eye color, skin color, hair color and most importantly your personality. Since green contact lenses are presented in different hues, almost all of your needs can be met.

For people who have natural light eye colors, green enhancement tones are perfect. Jade green and emerald green contact lenses are the best shades for you. While for people who have naturally dark colored eyes, green contact lenses that are in opaque or enhancement tints are the best options to go for. Colors like jade green, lime and green contact lenses are most suitable for you. Furthermore, for those who have natural brown eye color, green contact lenses in an opaque tint can totally alter your color.

Certain green contact lenses have a huge diameter making your eye appear larger and make your gaze perpetually deep. Green contact lenses that are in a slight shade perk up your look significantly.

Green contact lenses come in either a multi-colored or single colored format. Before choosing contact lenses in this shade, think about your eye color pigmentation too as this is also a factor on how your green contact lenses cover your eyes natural color.

Best Brand Offering Green Contact Lenses

  1. Freshlook Colorblends
  2. Expressions Colors
  3. Clearly Colors
  4. Acuvue 2 Enhancers
  5. Durasoft 2 Colors
  6. Illusions Opaque


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