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A Step-By-Step Guide to Wearing Contact Lenses

As much as we take time choosing the right contact lens for us, it also takes time to learn the proper way of wearing contact lens. Personal cleanliness for lens treatment and insertion are major factors on determining the right way to wearing contact lens.

The step-by-step guide to wearing contact lens are as follows:

It is essential that you learn and use hygienic techniques in the care and handling of your new lenses. Preparing for insertion cleanliness is the first and most important aspect to wearing contact lens.

  1. Always wash hands thoroughly, rinse and dry hands with a soft towel before touching your contact lens.
  2. Never use lotions, creams or oily cosmetics before handling your lenses. It is advisable to wear contact lens before putting on make-up.
  3. Keep eyes closed when using hairsprays or other aerosols.
  4. Seek professional help before wearing contact lens during rigorous activities wherein your eyes will be too much exposed..
  5. Always follow the instructions that comes with the box when you buy contact lens or any advice given to you by your ophthalmologist for correct handling, insertion, removal, cleaning and storing of your lenses.
  6. Wearing contact lens over a long period of time is not advisable.
  7. Don't use the contact lens if the sterile package seal has been opened and tampered or if it is damaged.
  8. Develop the habit of always working with the same lens first in order to avoid mix-up when wearing contact lens.
  9. Remove lens from its storage case and examine that it is clean, clear, moist and free of any nicks. If you see that the lens is damaged don't use it.

Wearing contact lens:

  1. Start with your right eye. Examine and make sure it is not inside out then place it at the tip of your finger.
  2. Place middle finger of the same hand close to your lower lashes and pull down the lower lid.
  3. Using the forefinger or the middle finger of the other hand, lift the upper lid and place the contact lens on the eye.
  4. Carefully release both lids and slowly blink.
  5. Repeat the steps for the left contact lens.
  6. Close eyelids and gently massage lens into place through the closed lids.

Removal of lens:

Again, see to it that you wash , rinse and dry hands before touching your contact lens. There are two methods on removing contact lens:

  1. The forefinger and thumb method:
    • Place hand or towel under the eye to catch the lens.
    • Place forefinger on the center of your upper lid, while place your thumb to the center of your lower lid.
    • Gently press in and force a blink. By doing this, the contact lens should fall on your hand or on the towel.
    • Remove other lens following the same method.
    • Follow required lens care procedures (handling, insertion, removal, cleaning, disinfecting and storing)
  2. The pinch method
    • Look up and slide lens to the lower part of the eye using forefinger.
    • Slowly and gently pinch the lens between thumb and forefinger.
    • Remove lens.

Caring for your lenses:

For your continuous safe and comfortable wearing of contact lens. It is always essential to 1st clean and rinse then disinfect contact lenses after removing each. It is important to sanitize after wearing contact lens to remove any dirt, bacteria and deposits accumulated during wear time. While disinfecting is necessary to destroy harmful bacteria.

  • - use fresh unexpired lens care solution
  • - always use the suggested methods of lens care, chemical (not heat) and carefully follow instructions in labeling the solution
  • - don't use saliva or any other liquid objects other than the prescribed solutions for smoothing and re-wetting your contact lens
  • - contact lenses should be thrown away if it already exceeded the recommended wearing period by your eye doctor
  • - ask your ophthalmologist for the proper care system that is appropriate for your contact lens since each lens product contains specified directions for usage and important pre-cautionary information which one should read and follow

For unexpected emergencies, if any kind of chemicals (lab chemicals, household products, insecticides, etc.) went into your eyes: Rinse with water and contact your eye doctor immediately.

Wearing contact lens should be easy, when you practice proper care and hygiene it will be a hassle-free thing to do!


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