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Make Up and Contact Lenses

Woman who gives up glasses for contacts is inclined to use more eye makeup. However, remember to put the contact lenses before applying make-up. This will prevent any particles from getting into the eyes. It is almost impossible to put on your contact lenses without having your make-up particles show up on your lens after the make-up is on. Moreover, be sure to wash your hands with a mild soap or one of the special soaps made for contact lens wearer before touching your lenses.

The eye make-up products should be water soluble as oil-based products can leave a residue that could work its way into your eyes and if any does get on the lenses it may irritate the eye and contaminate the lens. Make sure you gently roll the face powder over your skin without patting. Use only a little at a time when powdered eye shadow. This will keep particles from getting into the eyes and under your lens.

You still can use mascaras but avoid tiny lash-building fibers type that may get into your eyes. Use small strokes to line the edge of the lower eyelid with eyeliner and do not line the inside of the lower eyelid. Remember to close your eyes when using hair sprays or perfume and step away from the mist immediately. Anything in spray form can accumulate on the lens surfaces making them less moisture. If your lenses do become coated, they may require resurfacing. Finally, after a night out, it is time to remove your eye make-up. Make sure you remove your contact lenses before removing your eye make-up.


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