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Men's Sunglasses - Latest trends in 2011

Are you a bit of a fashion victim? A lot of men these days are more conscious about their appearance; jeans and a T-Shirt don't cut it anymore, if you want to compete with the new generation then you'll have to be knowledgeable of the latest trends. Men's fashion magazines are loaded up with tips on what to wear and how to accessorize your self to make an impact on that beautiful young lady you have your eye on.

If you live in a particularly sunny part of the world, sunglasses are a great way to show women that you think about your appearance and put a little effort into looking good for them. To ensure that you are giving out the right vibes, you'll need to pick a pair that compliments your overall look and accentuates your facial features. You won't believe the change a pair of men's sunglasses will have on your character, they can make you appear intelligent, sophisticated, cool, masculine and humorous, but if you don't choose wisely they may make you look like a fool. Trends change with each passing season, so for those of you that want to follow the latest fashions you'll have to stay up to date on what is hot this year.

80's retro styled men's sunglasses making a comeback in 2011

Anyone that is nostalgic for those loud crazy 80's fashions will be happy to know they are back and making an appearance in the clothing, music and now sunglasses industries. These include thick plastic frames in black and brown with large square lenses, which loudly scream, look at me; if you're familiar with Elton John you'll know exactly what I'm trying to describe. Over sized gradient tinted policeman shades, the kind that were popular in Sylvester Stallone movies like cobra are also making a return to the mainstream; though they have been slightly altered giving them a Elvis style touch. FramesDirect Eyewearv

To give you an idea of what types of men's sunglasses are popular at the moment, here are some of the types of frames you will see in your local optical shop:

  • The Aviators - Most people will be familiar with this style, which gains its name due to its popularity amongst young American pilots. You may have spotted a few stars like Usher and Tom Cruise wearing these to award ceremonies; they have much thinner frames and the shape is more box like. This style of frame suits more masculine faced men with square or oblong faces and a strong wide jaw line.

  • Wayfarer style - This is another blast from the past, the original Ray Ban shaped sunglasses, with their thick plastic frames and pointed top lens corners that look like something out of the American 50's. This classic old style is now being reworked in several different styles, including a tortoise shell finish and variations of the plain black nerdy look.

  • Bold plastic square frames - There are several types of this design, Burberry and Ray Ban have several square lens styled men's sunglasses on offer, they are very large and bold suiting young trendy teens looking for a loud punk style.

  • Geometrics - This style is for anyone wishing they were back in the 60's, similar to the wayfarer style it has thick frame, but smaller rectangular lenses. The whole frame is a one piece design with the nose bridge molded into the lens frame to make it more comfortable for the wearer. This style of men's sunglasses is mainly designed by Louis Vuitton who has added a checkered pattern to the inside of the frame to add to its trendy young appeal.

Old retro styles and classic designs are not the only recent trends in the men's sunglasses realm, the always trendy and cool wrap around sun glasses are still a great choice for your young men that want to make a strong impact. Oakley's are the main contender here and always have a slick looking design for every season, though now some of the top high fashion brands are cashing in on the popularity of these sporty styled glasses. The great thing about sports styled wraparound sunglasses is that they were designed for people that spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun, so special layers of effective UV protection are included.

The last new trend for men's sunglasses this year are shields; instead of having 2 separate lenses, the designers have decided to interconnect the two and make it look like one long lens that gets narrower in the center where the nose bridge is located. DKNY does a popular line of this style of sunglasses, which you may have seen a number of popular RnB singers wearing on the red carpet.

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