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Mirrored Contact Lenses

Over the years, a lot of us have been wearing colored contact lenses as a tool to transform our looks and add drama to our eyes. Aside from using colored contact lenses as a "fashion accessory", these are also serving as a very essential instrument for people who are experiencing eye complications, by athletes, etc. A new twist to colored contact lenses is what we call as the mirrored contact lenses.

Mirrored contact lenses have caught the attention of many people all over the globe, especially those Americans who love to party, thus making it one of the biggest subjects and leading hype of curiosity.

What are Mirrored contact lenses?

Mirrored contact lenses are disposable Plano (non-corrective) type contact lenses that have a glossy and reflective finish that permits the wearer to see exterior vision clearly, but for those who will look at you won't notice a thing. These are very much like sunglasses too. Gone are the days when rules apply as to when and where you can wear fancy contact lenses since they are also considered as one of technology's fundamental new creations because of its unusual and fun designs which can be even used on a daily basis nowadays.

As mentioned earlier, mirrored contact lenses can be customized for UV rays reflection very much the same to sunglasses. Mirrored contact lenses can also automatically adjust its light tints, when total darkness is experienced it lightens up your vision while if there is too much light, it darkens the surface. Other than that, for quite some time mirrored contact lenses have also been earning the people's interest because of cosmetic reasons.

Furthermore, mirrored contact lenses are made to be gas permeable contact lenses. It is only offered in 1 base curve, however, these comes in numerous colors and designs you can choose from that are easily accessible through online contact lens sellers and retail outlets as well.

Benefits of Mirrored Contact Lenses

These contact lenses are suitable with any eye color and it also makes ones eyes appear enthusiastic and fresh; changing your aura and adding charisma to your persona instantly and there is no need to worry whether or not it flatters your look. Since these contact lenses are frequently used during parties and events, it will make you and your outfit stand-out amongst other party-goers because it gives off an incandescent effect especially during night time.

Mirrored contact lenses are also exceptionally comfortable to wear and it won't cause any harm and irritations guaranteeing health to your eyes whether you decide to wear them occasionally or for daily use. In addition to that, when you opt to wear mirrored contact lenses, there are no more necessary accessory additions to your outfit since these alone can make you stand-out.

Downside of Mirrored Contact Lenses

Since mirrored contact lenses does not contain any corrective power, people who are having vision difficulties won't be able to use these contact lenses.

When did mirrored contact lenses become popular?

Mirrored contact lenses have been available for quite some time already, but Vin Diesel's movie, "The Chronicles of Riddick" catapulted the people's interest to mirrored contact lenses making them one of the in-demand types of contact lenses.

Why wear mirrored contact lenses?

Contact lens wearers have a lot of reasons why they go for mirrored contact lenses. For one, they want to add an aura of drama and secrecy. These are also a good option to mirrored sunglasses, which tends to sweat against our face when worn over a long period of time. These contact lenses also provide ample eye protection from the sun's harmful and damaging ultraviolet rays. Mirrored contact lenses also permit contact lens wearers relief without the need to squint too often.

Athletes as well as those people having an active lifestyle can also greatly benefit from mirrored contact lenses for the reason that it allows a person to optimize his/her skills without eyeglasses obstructing his/her view, at the same time giving their eyes security.

Mirrored contact lenses are also prefect for:

  • Individuals who are frequently outside and are exposed to too much sun.
  • Costume events
  • Halloween
  • Theatrical purposes


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