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Myths and Facts About Contact Lenses

Gone are the days when people wear those big and sometimes, heavy framed eyeglasses to help correct their eyesight. Because of the help of more and more advanced technologies, people have been presented with a lot of different options to choose from. One of this, are the use of contact lenses. With the introduction of contact lenses, people can now correct their visual impairments with a more progressive and advanced method.

Even though the recognition of contact lenses have really risen to a very staggering percent locally, nationally and internationally; there are still some questions about it. Or as what we fondly call, "myths". These superstitions about contact lenses cause some doubts and hesitations to people. The following are some of the most common myths about contact lenses that people wonder about. Along with these myths are the facts and answers to each one of them.

Myth # 1: Wearing contact lenses can get uncomfortable.

Answer: That is absolutely not true. Although some contact lenses do make you feel uncomfortable at first, but that is due to incorrect size and placement of contact lenses. Soft contact lenses are believed to be the most comfortable type of contact lenses that you can sport. In fact, most contact lenses make you forget that you are not wearing anything at all.

Myth # 2: Contact lenses are pricey.

Answer: Over the past few years, the price of contact lenses had really dropped to almost half of their original price. Of course, specialized contact lenses that are used for special eye conditions can get really expensive as compared to the conventional ones. However, there are a lot of stores online where you can purchase your desired contact lenses. Online contact lens shops are very popular nowadays since they sell them at a lesser price unlike retail stores. Plus, people enjoy shopping for their contact lenses online because of its hassle-free transaction. These websites even ships your purchases straight to your doorstep.

Myth # 3: Contact lenses can get misplaced behind your eyes.

Answer: False. There is no way that your contact lenses might get lost behind your eyes because there is a thin covering that extends between the eyelids that envelops the eyes. Contact lenses can not reach beyond your eye's front exterior.

Myth # 4: Contact lenses can sometimes fall off from your eyes.

Answer: Sometimes, they really do. Especially when you do strenuous activities and your contact lenses are ill-fitting, contact lenses can really fall. An easy solution to this is by going to your eye doctor and have your eyes properly checked and fitted so that the correct contact lens will be prescribed to you so that the next time you wear them, you'll be assured that they will settle in just the right place.

Myth # 5: Sporting contact lenses can cause eye irritations.

Answer: This only happens when you do not take proper care of your contact lenses, other than that, complications will not arise. Wearing contact lenses also need constant attention, being responsible with handling them will not only give you a hassle-free time but as well as healthy and good-looking eyes. Also, letting your eyes rest from time-to-time from contact lenses should also eliminate the chances of getting infections.

Myth # 6: Not all people can put on contact lenses.

Answer: The answer to that is no. Even infants can wear contact lenses, just as long as they really need them to correct their vision. Teenagers, adults and the elderly can also wear them as well. There are a lot of contact lenses ranging from corrective, non-corrective, bifocal, multi-focal and intraocular that makes it impossible for people not to be able to wear contact lenses.

Myth # 7: Contact lenses are hard to clean.

Answer: Totally not true. There are numerous assortments of contact lens solutions that you can choose from that requires little time for you to clean your contact lenses. With just 1 bottle of contact lens solution, you can clean and disinfect them right away. Just make sure that after cleaning, you store them in a clean case.

Myth # 8: You can't wear contact lenses while sleeping.

Answer: Yes, that is true. By not removing contact lenses before sleeping, you attract bacteria and deposits to build-up in your lenses. Although there are brands that allow you to wear one even while you sleep, still it is not healthy to sleep with them overnight.

Always keep in mind that these myths can only become a reality when you don't observe proper etiquette with your contact lenses.


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