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Non-Corrective & Non-Prescriptive Color Contact Lenses - What's the Difference?

Contact lenses are worn by different people for different purposes. For some, to correct vision problems while for others they wear them to change their looks. There are a lot of contact lenses available in the market today: from colored contact lenses to the more diverse special effect contact lenses and to the essential contact lenses for treating presbyopia, amblyopia and astigmatism amongst others. It is important to recognize what each kind does and what the differences are.

What are Non-corrective contact lenses?

Non-corrective contact lenses are normally used for beautification purposes, not for correcting any vision impairments. Most colored contact lenses fall in this category. These lenses are not intended for vision correction and are for people whose sole purpose is to change the color of their eyes or to make their eyes appear like animal's eyes (e.g. special effects contact lenses, glow in the dark contact lenses). Non-corrective contact lenses are also known as "Plano contact lenses" often referred to by eye care doctors and contact lens distributors.

Having said that these types of contact lenses are not used for any visual deficiency, many claim that the need to have a prescription before purchasing non-corrective contact lenses is not necessary. Still, improper use of these contact lenses may cause damage to the eyes which may lead to loss of vision or permanent eye injury in the long run. That is why the U.S House of Representatives has permitted the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) the authority to control non-corrective contact lenses, which now requires people to go through eye exams and have a valid prescription before buying any of these lenses.

Types of Non-corrective Color Contact Lenses

  1. Opaque Contact Lenses - only kind of non-corrective color contact lenses that is an option used by people who have dark colored eyes since it will cover up your natural eye color resulting to a different eye color
    • Freshlook Non-corrective Opaques : quality lenses made from quality materials, brand of color contact lenses which is popularly used by many to change their eye color, has a wide range of colors from brown, brilliant blue, gemstone green, sapphire, amethyst or gray
  2. Enhancement Contact Lenses - best for people who have light natural eye color for this will enhance and brighten up their natural eye color

Whatever you choose to do never neglect the need for a prescription to obtain non-corrective contact lenses. It is suggested to go with a brand name of color contact lenses that is manufactured by a recognized company.

What are Non-prescriptive contact lenses?

Non-prescriptive contact lenses are lenses which the eye doctor does not have to write a prescription. Some of these lenses are for correcting any visual impairment. These are sold to people who did not undergo an eye exam or did not receive lens prescription.

How to Purchase Non-prescriptive Color Contact Lenses

One may be able to get non-prescriptive color contact lenses by selecting a power of "0" (zero) when ordering. Because the sizes of our eyes differ from each individual, people looking for non-prescriptive contact lenses will find out that they need to go to an optometrist to get their eyes fitted since correct base curve is needed in order for our contact lens to fit perfectly. Getting the right fit will help avoid any complications and irritations. Most types of these are: AcuVue 2 Enhancers, AcuVue 2 Colors Opaques, Freshlook Color Contact Lenses and Durasoft Colors.

It is also advisable to try those trial contact lenses. You can order trial non-prescriptive color contact lenses for free. This allows you try out different brands and different colors since you can order a different color from each contact lens manufacturer and see how they work for you. You just simply look for websites offering free non-prescriptive color contact lenses which you can download those rebate certificates. Afterwards, you visit your eye doctor and have your forms ready then you can place your order for free non-prescriptive color contact lenses.

When it comes to selecting a brand and manufacturer of non-corrective contact lenses and non-prescriptive contact lenses, it is best to go with a name brand rather than an unknown or not so widely recognized brand. Keep in mind that you are putting these in your eyes and you don't want to risk getting complications by selecting cheap or off brands of contact lenses.


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