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Non Prescription Colored Contact Lenses

We live in an age where anyone can be beautiful. For decades we've been able to change a boring or drab hair color into vibrant locks of any shade. We can transform straight lifeless hair into silky curls, full of body. We can disguise our love handles with garments designed to flatten and flatter and women can change their bust size through the use of push-up bra's and undergarments intended to give us extra bulk where we need it and flatten the areas where we don't.

We can distract from our imperfections through the use of cosmetics and give our skin a golden bronze color by applying sunless tanners. Now, thanks to technology, we can even change the color of our eyes with the help of non prescription colored contact lenses.

What are non prescription colored contact lenses?

The name "non prescription colored contact lenses" is often regarded as a set of contact lenses in which a prescription from a doctor is not needed. While the term "non prescription" certainly implies this, one would still need the okay from a doctor before use as most companies won't sale contact lenses without a prescription. In actuality, non prescription, in this case, is a term used to denote that the contact lenses does not provide vision correction. They are purely for cosmetic use and will not improve nor impair vision.

Made of a soft, flexible, plastic material, non prescription colored contact lenses fit over the cornea of the eye. They supply color to the iris while a transparent area of lenses fits over the pupil so as to not distract from nor distort vision.

How well do they work?

Non prescription colored contact lenses will change any eye color somewhat though the results vary depending on the natural color of the eye. The colored area of the lenses is transparent and will allow the natural eye color to show through often times, giving the appearance of a combination of both the natural eye color and the color of the lenses.

Lighter eyes can easily be changed into darker or more vibrant colors while darker eyes will often times see some change though not as pronounced. Though darker eyed persons should not be discouraged from trying non prescription colored contact lenses as the results can be quite alluring and beautiful.

What colors do non prescription colored contact lenses come in?

Non prescription colored contact lenses come in a wide variety of colors depending on the manufacturer. Apart from traditional shades, colored contact lenses come in a variety of non traditional colors including amythest, sapphire, jade green and turquoise as well as topaz, golden honey and sea green. With a little research and web shopping one can find the exact shade they need to experience maximum results and perfect color.

Are there any health risks associated with non prescription colored contact lenses?

Research has shown that contact lenses help the eyes retain moisture which is essential to eye health however, proper fit and hygiene are extremely important. Those interested in non prescription colored contact lenses should visit an eye care provider to be professionally fitted for contact lenses to avoid possible permanent injury to the eye.

Proper care and cleaning of lenses is essential as bacteria can grow on the lenses and be transferred into the eye which can cause eye infections, corneal ulcers and in severe cases, loss of eyesight.

Though a little more costly, daily disposable contact lenses are worn once and then discarded so there is no need to clean them. A new pair is worn each day greatly reducing the risk of bacterial growth and possible injury to the eye.

Where can I find non prescription colored contact lenses?

With a little research you can find a set of non prescription colored contact lenses that's right for you. The internet is always a great source of information. Shop around and compare companies as well as prices. Never buy contact lenses from anywhere other than a reputable dealer as you could be setting yourself up for eye infections, irritation and pain that could have been avoided.


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