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Prosthetic Contact Lenses for Eye Conditions

When you look at someone, the first few things you notice is the other person's eyes. What you might not notice is that sometimes, those eyes are covered by prosthetic contact lenses. Prosthesis is an artificial device that replaces a body part lost by injury or missing from birth.

What are prosthetic contact lenses?

Prosthetic contact lenses are perfect for people who suffered eye-injury due to an accident which might lead their eyes to become somehow disfigured. It can also be worn by people who have eye defects since birth. It hides the flaws and makes it invisible. Prosthetic contact lenses can also be worn for people who are cross-eyed. It may also be completely colored to mask eyes that lost its ability to see. Prosthetic contact lenses are soft and allow gas to pass through; they are similar to regular soft or gas permeable lenses. No surgery is involved and when prosthetic contact lens is put into place, the eye which has defect appears to be normal again. Prosthetic contact lenses can disguise eye inconsistencies making a person's eye/s look less awkward to look at which makes the affected individual less conscious and much more confident to look other people straight in the eye. The following are some eye deficiency problems that can benefit from using prosthetic contact lenses:

  1. Anaridia - the failure of the eyes to develop normally. It can result as either partial or complete absence of the iris tissue
  2. Albinism - known as the congenital discoloration in the eyes
  3. Diplopia - or double vision, a visual impairment wherein a person sees a single object as two objects. Usually happens when one eye is covered.
  4. Nystagmus - is the involuntary shaking of the eye. Prosthetic contact lenses comes in handy for masking eye movement and improving its appearance
  5. Photophobia - more known as light sensitivity. Prosthetic contact lenses reduces the amount of light entering the eye.

Cleaning maintenance of prosthetic contact lenses are pretty much the same with regular contact lenses. Since prosthetic contact lenses are hand-crafted,they are not disposable or for one time use only.

Fitting procedures for Prosthetic Contact Lenses

Fitting prosthetic contact lenses is like fitting for regular contact lenses, BUT there are a few considerations to be followed depending on the patients needs (whether he/she needs functional or cosmetic prosthetic contact lenses)

  1. Make sure to evaluate a patient's clinical history and make sure that if ever there is a fundamental condition, it has been already resolved to avoid complications.
  2. Take readings of the other eye which can serve as a guide for diagnostic selection of lens.
  3. For determining the color of the iris, use a diagnostic lens.
  4. To determine the patients' iris size, measure the undamaged eye with in a visible horizontal diameter.
  5. In measuring the pupil size, measure the undamaged pupil in normal to bright lighting with a millimeter ruler.
  6. Start with a clear trial lens to determine the base curve needed.

How prosthetic contact lenses are ordered?

A pre-made prosthetic contact lenses or custom-made prosthetic contact lenses may be ordered. One can order pre-made prosthetic contact lenses for your first usage. But, it's advisable to order prosthetic contact lenses that are specially designed for you. A person can do this by giving a person's close-up photographs of both eyes for proper matching of appearance and color. Some companies who sell prosthetic contact lenses give a sample collection of colors to make the match for special orders best suitable for the person.

There are many companies manufacturing in specialized prosthetic contact lenses. Some of these are:

  1. Custom Color Contacts- there prosthetic contact lenses are hand-painted lenses made with unique laminated lens process. It can replicate the color, detail and depth of a real eye which creates a 100% natural look. The prosthetic contact lenses they make can closely match any disfigured, scarred eye from congenital or accidental injuries.
  2. Ciba Vision- with their unique products that almost caters to all types of eye conditions and needs of everyone, there prosthetic contact lenses gives a person freedom, convenience and comfort making a person feel like they're not wearing anything at all.

Prosthetic contact lenses play a big part in a person's life with an eye condition. It makes a person's eye appear normal to the naked eye.


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