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Why You Should Buy Ray Ban Sunglasses?

Even if you're not a fan of designer sunglasses, chances are you've heard of Ray Ban's, they are one of the top sunglass manufacturers in the world and have been around since the 1930's. Besides having an iconic frame shape and look, their attention to detail is well known. The Ray ban company has worked with the military and air force to provide soldiers and pilots with effective protection from the suns harsh glare; now 70 years later they have developed their own specialized technology that makes Ray Ban sunglasses the number one choice of many practical and trendy wearers.

If you're a big movie fan then you would have seen the RayBan Wayfarer Sunglasses, which usually come in black plastic frames with slightly pointed top corners and angled sides. Think of Tom Cruise in 'Risky Business' (see the picture on right), he was a walking advertisement board for Ray ban sunglasses all the way through the film. If you aren't familiar with that particular Hollywood flick, how about 'The blues brothers' with Dan Akroyed and John Belushi, not to mention the more recent 'Men in Black' with Will Smith. The Ray Bans iconic style is deeply ingrained in American 1950's culture and has now become a trendy accessory for fashion victims in 2010. Ray Bans have always been known for their Aviator styled sunglasses that were originally designed for air force pilots and which also became known to the public through Hollywood movies. These days the latest trends in sunglass wear are leaning towards 1980's styling's, which Ray Ban was strongly a part of, so if you're a close follower of fashion you'll need to get your self a pair as soon as possible.

When a product is so successful there are always fakes that look identical to the real thing and cost a fraction of the price. So why don't I just buy a cheap knock off pair rather than spending more on the originals? The reason is in the 70 years of research and development Ray Ban sunglasses have put into their manufacturing process, each pair contains specially formulated materials that make them extremely tactile, durable and resistant to the harmful rays of the sun. Some sunglasses are made from plastics that may give protection, but heavily distort your view of the world around, Ray Ban sunglasses ensure that you see things the way that they are.

Specialized Color Lenses:

  • G-15 contrast Neutral grey - This is Ray Ban's standard colored lenses which have been specially coated to give you a clear view of the world. They protect your eyes from sun glare and limit UV rays, but allow you to see colors as they really are.

  • B-15 High Contrast Lens - This particular lens was first designed for military use they provide very strong protection from light glare and have a super sharp visibility quality. They have been designed to block out a large percentage of blue colored light making them safe for use while driving on roads.

  • Polarized - If you are into water sports or wear your sunglasses while driving Ray Ban's polarized lenses give good protection against sudden strong reflected glares of light, which ultimately cause eye strain. You'll never have to worry about squinting your eyes at the beach or while driving along a coastal road.

  • Light Adaptive Lenses - No matter what the light condition is these lenses will adapt and change shades to fit the current levels. Special light sensitive materials darken your sunglasses when the suns rays become too intense and clear up when the light starts to go down, so you never have to worry about a thing.

Tactile and Durable Frame Materials:

  • Titanium Frames - Ray Ban uses titanium because of their strength and flexibility, the main metal element is mixed with an extra ingredient to make it strong and able to stand up to constant wear and tear. They have also taken out the nickel content to make them safe for people with specific metal allergies.

  • Carbon fiber frames - This is the latest introduction to Ray ban sunglasses, they have introduced carbon fiber materials into their manufacturing process, this makes them very light and almost indestructible.

  • Memo - Ray frames - You'll never have to worry about sitting on you sunglasses or snapping them in two again. The memo-ray technology uses very flexible materials that when twisted out of shape, your glasses will easily snap back into their regular position. This light weight and indestructible material appears to be unbendable even if you attempt to twist the sunglasses to their breaking point. 

RayBan 4108 Sunglasses


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