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Enhance Your Performance with Sports Contact Lenses

Athletes who have acquired vision problems might be forced to retire early, but thanks to the invention of contact lenses for sports, sportsmen and women can continue with their game despite of their visual troubles. As a matter of fact, sports contact lenses can progress their game radically with proper use.

In so many ways, contact lenses enhance athletes' sports performance. At least more than half of the American population experience astigmatism, nearsightedness or farsightedness. Many athletes who fall into this category opts to use corrective contact lenses for sports because of the competitive benefits it can give.

Why wear sports contact lenses?

Almost every type of sport does not allow the use of eyeglasses. It hinders you to perform straining physical activities. Just imagine yourself playing soccer or basketball with eyeglasses on. Instead of you becoming an asset to your team, it will likely become you will be a liability. This is wear sports contact lenses come in handy.

Sports contact lenses are helpful in such a way that they improve your vision, thus eliminating the need to use glasses. In addition, these lenses provide better vision and an unhindered view of the field or court. These lenses can also block as much as 95% of the sun's harmful rays from getting into your eyes.

Advantages of Sports Contact Lenses

Sports contact lenses provide a number of advantages to improve your vision for sports competitions.

  • Better peripheral & stable vision - when one wears eyeglasses, you can feel the frames moving on your face whenever you take a stride. This can be very disturbing, while with sports contact lenses you need not worry about your glasses sliding each time you move.
  • Unobstructed field of view - it provides a clear and wide view of the field and your surroundings since nothing can block and distort your sight. Once can react faster to objects coming his/her way or to the other players around.
  • Less chances of injury - with contact lenses, you are assured that nothing will break and there is a lesser chance of having any eye injury if ever you take a hard hit.
  • Lesser possibility of fogging up or being splattered - sports contact lenses usually remain clear regardless of weather and environment conditions (e.g. rain & snow).
  • Compatible with most safety equipment - for sports that requires headgear and goggles (football and swimming). Contact lenses do not obstruct with the fit and comfort of these safety tools.

Comfort & Convenience of Sports Contact Lenses

For contact lens wearers, there is more natural vision without any unnecessary changes in image sizes that eyeglasses oftentimes create. Sports vision specialists also reported that most athletes are not diligent enough when it comes to cleaning and caring with their contact lenses. For athletes like this, daily disposable contact lenses are the most convenient option.

While for athletes who have dry eyes gas permeable (GP) contact lenses and rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses are the better option.

Nike MaxSight sports contact lenses

Nike, the leader of sports gear manufacturer and retailer, together with Bausch & Lomb is now offering Nike MaxSight sports contact lenses specifically designed and created for athletes with vision complications.

Nike MaxSight sports contact lenses are fully-tinted soft contact lenses, allowing you to wear your sunglasses without the frames. These are available in 2 different sport-specific tints that come in both non-corrective and corrective versions which provide a distortion-free sight. Covering your entire iris and pupil as well as eliminating glare at the same time increasing contrast. If filters out 90% of harmful blue light and 95% of UVA and UVB.

The grey-green tint is perfect for sports (running and training) like golf and football. While the amber tint is great for fast-paced sports that involves the use a ball such as hockey, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, tennis, softball and rugby.

These Nike MaxSight sports contact lenses are also great for people who love to stay outdoors but hate wearing sunglasses. For advice on other contact lenses suitable for sports and other activities, visit your local eye care doctor for a more detailed and correct prescription and guidelines to wearing these contact lenses.


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