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Synergeyes Hybrid Contact Lenses

Before, contact lenses were limited to either soft or rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lenses. But due to technological advancement, a new breed of contact lenses are presented in the market, and that is what we call Synergeyes hybrid contact lenses.

How Synergeyes Hybrid Contact Lenses Originated

In the year 2001, Synergeyes Inc. was established. Because hybrid contact lenses are needed by most people and the supply is limited, they designed and created these contact lenses in order for us to have a contact lens that combines both comfort found in soft contact lenses and advanced visual acuity found in hard contact lenses. Synergeyes hybrid contact lenses are one of the newest and probably the greatest addition to the contact lens family.

What are Synergeyes hybrid contact lenses?

Synergeyes hybrid contact lenses are contact lenses that are made from rigid gas permeable materials and soft contact lens materials. The center of the lens is made up of rigid gas permeable that offers a crisp and lucid optical vision to the wearer while the exterior part is made up of soft lens skirt that helps to properly center the contact lens thus, giving you enduring comfort and freshness that stays all day long even when night time comes, just like how soft contact lenses work. For this reason alone, Synergeyes hybrid contact lenses have the best advantage against other brands of contact lenses. With Synergeyes hybrid contact lenses, you get the benefit of having the best of both worlds with just a single pair of contact lens. Furthermore, these hybrid contact lenses can also help decrease and correct a variety of visual problems.

Adding to that, Synergeyes hybrid contact lenses are FDA approved that are globally used by eye care doctors in almost every country.

Who can wear Synergeyes hybrid contact lenses?

Anyone can try sporting these contact lenses. However, people who are suffering from astigmatism, hyperopia, myopia, presbyopia, post surgical patients and keratoconus can greatly benefit from Synergeyes hybrid contact lenses.

Benefits of Synergeyes Hybrid Contact Lenses

Whatever your eye conditions may be, there is no need to fret since Synergeyes hybrid contact lenses promises the following:

  • All day comfort. Because these hybrid contact lenses have materials that are also found in soft contact lenses, it guarantees you to experience nothing but the best possible healthy eyes that is clean and free from any build-ups of debris, deposits, lipids and bacteria.
  • Secure in your eyes. Synergeyes hybrid contact lenses do not fall off. So you need not have to worry anything at all.
  • 100% correct fit. What's great about these contact lenses is that it is very stable, causing you no distractions at all. Your contact lenses do not go around your eyes.
  • Vision Clarity. A promise of clear, crisp and excellent vision is presented by Synergeyes hybrid contact lenses making your vision more defined and concise after each blink from day to night.
  • Freedom. Synergeyes hybrid contact lenses do not hinder you from doing the things you want to do and places you want to see. Especially for people who are athletic or for those who's way of living is very active. Very hassle-free from discomforts experienced by wearing RGP's and blurry vision that soft contact lenses sometimes tend to have.

Different Types of Synergeyes Hybrid Contact Lenses

There are quite a number of Synergeyes hybrid contact lenses that are suitable for every person's eye complications.

  1. For keratoconus
    • ClearKone - they are customized and are the latest addition to the Synergeyes hybrid contact lens family that grants stability, long lasting comfort, security and visual perception. ClearKone contact lenses are an effective solution in repairing vision especially to people with damaged corneas.
    • Synergeyes KC - hybrid contact lenses that assist in healing and restoring damaged corneas to become healthy again, also giving maximum level of comfort during wear time.
  2. For astigmatism
    • Synergeyes A - these are hybrid contact lenses ideal for patients suffering from astigmatism that helps minimize this condition
  3. For people ages 40 and up
    • Synergeyes Multi-focal - this contact lens aids you to read and see people from afar, very stable and hassle-free
  4. For post-surgery patients
    • Synergeyes PS - gives you back your vision that is even better than before. Perfect for those who have undergone any eye surgeries (intacs, refractive surgery, keratoplasty, etc.)

Although Synergeyes hybrid contact lenses have advanced over the past years, one thing still remains the same - for them to commit to their main goal of correcting and improving each person's vision without having to sacrifice comfort and their eye's health.


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