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What are Three-toned Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are not just mere substitutes for eyeglasses any longer; they are a fashion statement. A lot of people decide to wear contact lenses for a lot of different reasons. Commonly, it is because of their conventionality and visual appeal. At the moment, colored contact lenses are very in style, with its increasing popularity amongst various age generations; there is no doubt that almost all of us wants to try them on.

Even people without any need for vision correction wear contact lenses because it has been a helpful component when it comes to their own individual style. From conventional to the more exciting and daring types of contact lenses, there is no doubt that each and every one of us can find what suits us, our eyes and personality best.

What are three-toned contact lenses?

Technology has made it possible for things to get modernized and because of technology, contact lenses have also revolutionized over the past years. Colored contact lenses can even produce many tones and effects that can change the way we look. One great improvement of contact lenses is that it can give out the effect of having 3 eye colors in just a single lens. They are known as three-toned contact lenses.

In addition, three-toned contact lenses are soft contact lenses that should be replaced after 3 months since there are 90 day disposables. Furthermore, three-toned contact lenses are colored contact lenses that have three color tones, shades and layers that create an amazingly smooth and natural eye color that defines and brightens your eyes. It blends 3 dissimilar shades collectively to generate a unified illusion. It also makes your eye color come out very natural looking and pleasant to look at.

Who can wear three-toned contact lenses?

People with dark and light eye colors can wear three-toned contact lenses as this complements any eye color and skin tone. However, people who have light eye colors has more advantage unlike people with dark-colored eyes for the reason that it is easier to alter their natural eye colors, less work is needed and almost any shades can suit them.

Benefits from Wearing Three-toned Contact Lenses

Three-toned contact lens wearers have more advantage than people who sport single color toned contact lenses because:

  • You can wear them either for corrective or non-corrective purposes. Making them perfect for every one.
  • Different eye colors are being presented by three-toned contact lenses which you can choose from.
  • When you want to give off the illusion of having many eye color tones.
  • Since it has 3 layers of different eye color, it changes your look and can make you look fresh and vibrant. Your eyes appear bigger and it also creates more depth.
  • Three-toned contact lenses are also very affordable.

Different Shades of Three-toned Contact Lenses

Three-toned contact lenses offers you numerous colors that you can choose from.

  • Three-tone Hazel
  • Three-tone Amethyst
  • Three-tone Brown
  • Three-tone Gray
  • Three-tone Aqua
  • Three-tone Violet
  • Three-tone Green
  • Three-tone Sapphire
  • Three-tone Blue
  • Three-tone Turquoise
  • Three-tone Honey Brown

For people who have natural dark eye colors, three-toned contact lenses in colors hazel, honey brown, turquoise and amethyst and sapphire. While for those who have natural light eye colors, the best colors of three-toned contact lenses are shades that are in blue or violet (blue, aqua and violet).

What brands offers the best three-toned contact lenses?

  1. Freshlook Colorblends - Freshlook Colorblends contact lenses are created for blending 3 colors into 1 in order to achieve subtle, attractive and naturally deep eyes. Freshlook also provides three-toned contact lenses in a wide array of dramatic colors like: Sterling Gray, True Sapphire, Brilliant Blue, Gemstone Green and Pure Hazel.
  2. ColorVUE - ColorVUE contact lenses are disposable contact lenses that are made from hydrogel materials that are safe to wear which also provides 100% comfort to the eyes. Lathe Cut technology and 3 layer color squeezing-in method is used in creating their contact lenses that avoids the colors to come in contact with the eyes. They have 3 series of three-toned contact lenses.
    • 3 Tones Perfect Blends - Perfect Blend Color Technology is used to create the most natural looking three-toned contact lenses. Available in colors: green, violet, blue, brown and gray.
    • 3 Tones Glamour - the glamour series are perfect for people who wants to have more distinct eyes since its lens has a defined black circle for eyes to appear bigger and vibrant looking. With colors from Glamour Aqua, Glamour Violet, Glamour Gray, Glamour Honey, Glamour Blue to Glamour Green.
    • 3 Tones Sparkling - these three-toned contact lenses are made from new skin-like materials that avoids any damages and ensures comfort to the eyes. Offered in colors: Sparkling Brown, Sparkling Violet, Sparkling Blue and Sparkling Gray.
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