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Change Your Look with Violet Contact Lenses

Nowadays, the primary function of contact lenses for vision correction is not limited, since the innovative invention of colored contact lenses came across to our attention, a lot of individuals even without any visual problems can benefit from these. When you want to change your look radically, why not try and go for violet colored contact lenses? Violet contact lenses are a fun and cool way to transform your look in an instant.

About Violet Contact Lenses

Let us first define what color violet is: The color violet is the result of combining shades of blue and gray. It is a deep purplish color. Violet contact lenses are commonly connected to crazy and special effects contact lenses since this color gives off quite a shocking result and has a very distinct feel. These may be an unusual color and it may not be the 1st choice of color that crosses our minds, yet what we don't usually know and observe is that violet contact lenses makes your eyes more welcoming and attractive making your appearance and personality look more happy and friendly.

Elizabeth Taylor, the famed Hollywood celebrity is one of the people who were gifted with a very unique eye color. That is why most of us also want to achieve that eye color because it is very interesting and mysterious. While violet contact lenses do not flatter every contact lens wearer, it can with no doubt add a certain regal characteristic to the face.

Over the years, most people are making choices that are out of their comfort zone and choosing which color of contact lens to wear is not an exception. Violet contact lenses are great for an instant boost to your outfit, since contact lenses are fairly known as the best accessory that you can sport these days. Aside from that, violet contact lenses are the perfect answer when you want to transform the way you look.

On the other hand, violet contact lenses are not recommended for those who are conservative when it comes to wearing contact lenses since it is 100% proven that all heads will turn to you when they see you sporting this type of color.

Two-toned Violet Contact Lenses

Violet contact lenses that are two-toned are perfect for any eye color. When you want to alter your look dramatically, choose two-toned violet contact lenses for maximum eye color change impact.

Why wear violet contact lenses?

Having violet eyes shows that a person is; by nature a born leader, urbane and distinguished. These contact lenses are also very arresting. At present, producers of contact lenses make distinctive violet contact lenses that are much subtle and delicate which brings out a more serene yet at the same time a stunning gaze that makes people envy your eye color.

Different Shades of Violet Contact Lenses

  • Amethyst
  • Violet Venom
  • Blue Violet
  • Violet
  • Purple
  • Light Purple
  • Shimmer Violet

Violet Contact Lenses for People with Light or Dark Eye Colors

For dark-colored eyes: Violet contact lenses can be a safe choice for people whose eye color is naturally dark since this color choice is one of the most effective color contact lens to change your overall eye color. Violet contact lenses in opaque tints are the recommended selection by most eye care doctors, in solid shades like: amethyst or purple.

For light-colored eyes: Tinted violet contact lenses are recommended for those eyes with natural light color since it is quite a challenge to completely change your eye color. The big advantage of violet contact lenses for light-colored eyes is that when you wear them, it makes all kinds of interesting effects: some eyes have a two-toned color because of the combination of your eyes natural color and the effect of violet contact lens. Shades suggested are: light purple, shimmer violet or violet.

Best Brands of Violet Contact Lenses

  1. Freshlook Colorblends - a unique color blending to produce a natural looking eye color that are suitable for people with light or dark eye colors
  2. Impressions Colors - these are tinted color contact lenses with an external ring for eye enrichment
  3. Durasoft 3 Complements - 2 colors are merged to provide naturally dark eyes a subtle color change of blue violet

Violet contact lenses are extraordinary because it makes you stand out wherever you go and whoever you are with.


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