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Women's Sunglasses - What's Hot and Trendy in 2011

Women are spoilt by an enormous range of cosmetic products, clothing, shoes, hats and other accessories that can help accentuate their features, hide ugly secrets and make them appear more beautiful to the opposite sex. Women's sunglasses are not only designed to protect fragile eyes from the suns harsh UV rays, but are also a way to give off a specific look or feel. Perhaps you want a pair of sunglasses that give you a sleek elegant edge or ones that stand out and draw attention to your face, whatever your needs there is a pair of glasses for you.

The market is flooded with different styles of women's sunglasses, various shapes, sizes and colors are available depending on how much you have to spend. There are large oversized plastic frames with a tortoise shell finish from Channel or bright pink French connection styled Ray Bans, you are free to choose the style that reflects your personality or the one that you want. Some people enjoy following the latest fashion trends and sunglass styles also move with the seasons; though who decides on what and when is a complete mystery. FramesDirect.com

One factor that influences which sunglasses are hot are celebrities, style magazines pick out and criticize actresses every time they make brief appearances in front of the public eye. Here are 3 women's sunglasses that have suddenly become hot items after several stars had been seen wearing them on the red carpet.

(1) Oversized Sunglasses - If you miss the loud 80's when everything had to be big to look good then you'll love these classic styled sunglasses, they are just one area of 1980's culture that is being revived in 2011. Oversized sunglass frames made from thick plastic comes in several different shapes, but the most popular are square frames; to give you a clearer image of this style think of the type of sunglasses that Elvis wore. Oversized women's sunglasses are manufactured by a number of different high end fashion brands like, Fendi, Channel, Gucci and Guess.

(2) Aviator Sunglasses - In the past this type of sunglass frame was designed specifically for American pilots, but these days they have been revived and are worn by beautiful young women looking for a unique look. The metal frame is very thin to compensate for the huge lenses, which usually have gradient tints of blue, brown or grey; you can also find pairs that come with a reflective polarized lens just like the American highway police. Besides looking good on women these particular sunglasses are very durable and have been designed to protect eyes from the intense sunlight seen by pilots above the clouds.

(3) Wayfarer Sunglasses - This is another "used to be" male dominated sunglass style that is suddenly a must have hot item for many young ladies today. The wayfarer sunglasses were first designed by Ray Ban for soldiers back in the 1920's and became a popular item for young 1950's hipsters, the style disappeared and now in 2011 this trendy retro eyewear is making a come back. The classic design suits most facial types and are made from thick plastic frames in a standard medium size, with a choice of several different colors or patterns. They are known for their slightly angled frames that are pointed at the top corners giving them a unique character not found in any other sunglasses.

Following trends is easy, all you need is an internet connection and you have thousands of fashion websites at your finger tips, but besides finding which styles are in and which are out you should make sure that they will look good on your face. Certain sunglass shapes, colors and sizes fit well with facial types, for example if you have a round face you should go for wider frames with more angled corners, like a pair of retro square oversized sunglasses.

The basic rule of thumb when choosing the shape frames for your face type is to pick a pair that completely contrasts your facial features. So if you have a particularly square face with a strong jaw line, then look for sunglasses that are either round or have soft edges to contrast against your features; this is guaranteed to give you a more natural look. A similar rule applies to the size of your head, find a pair that matches its dimensions, it will help to try a few pairs before you find the right ones for you. You may not want to have a natural look and in this case you can use sunglasses to change the proportions of parts of you face; larger glasses will make your features look smaller and vice versa.

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