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Plano CL sales must be supervised
Optician Online - Sutton,Surrey,UK
Changes to professional guidance on contact lens fitting supply issued by the College of Optometrists and ABDO last week (News, February 23) confirm that, unlike powered lenses which can be sold by or under the general direction of an optometrist, CLO or medical practitioner who need not be present, sales of plano or 'zero-powered' contact lenses must be directly supervised ...

Contact Lenses
Blackanthem.com - Clinton Township,MI,USA
Most people wear contacts to improve their vision - not lose it. Those who wear contacts in Iraq are courting infection and permanent vision loss every time they put the lenses in, medical officials said. And even the simplest infections can lead to lost time ...

Price using contacts to help his shooting
Norwich Bulletin - Norwich,CT,USA
The point guard for the UConn men's basketball team said he wore contact lenses for the third game in Wednesday's 78-74 loss to Villanova, his second straight without a turnover. Bad vision runs in Price's family, but the problem was affecting him much more of late....

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