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*Receive a $40 mail-in rebate with a year supply purchase.
ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses, the world's first disposable contact lenses, offer the convenience of one-week extended wear. That means that you put them in and throw them away 7 days later (which means you can sleep in them!) That's because their thin design allow for high amounts of oxygen to be transmitted to the eye. And, since ACUVUE® is made mostly of water, it works well with your natural eye fluids. (more info)
8 box Special  $119.60 - $14.95 per box (after rebate)
When it comes to your vision, it's only natural to want the very best. ACUVUE® 2 is designed to be worn as a two-week daily wear lens (which means you take the lenses out each night). It can also be worn as a one-week extended wear lens (which means you can sleep in them). (more )
8 box Special  $119.60 - $14.95 per box (after rebate)
HYDRACLEAR™ is a remarkable moisture rich element that lies throughout the interior and exterior of the ACUVUE® ADVANCE™ contact lens creating a unique soft, silky feel. ACUVUE® ADVANCE™ with HYDRACLEAR™... A NEW CATEGORY OF CONTACT LENSES. (more )
8 box Special  $139.60 - $17.45 per box (after rebate)
Now you can change the color of your eyes without fooling around with your eyesight. ACUVUE 2 COLOURS features a special color-enhancing layer. So you get truly vivid, yet natural color. ACUVUE 2 COLOURS contact lenses are ultra-thin, made mostly of water, and so comfortable you'll hardly know you're wearing them. Even if you don't need vision correction, don't trust your eyes to anything less than ACUVUE. (more info)
8 box Special  $239.60 - $29.95 per box (after rebate)
When the makers of ACUVUE®, the number-one doctor-prescribed brand of contact lenses, developed ACUVUE® BIFOCAL Contact Lenses, it was a technological breakthrough. That's because ACUVUE® BIFOCAL is the only contact lens with PUPIL INTELLIGENT DESIGN™. It has five invisible, concentric zones that allow you to see clearly at varying distances. So you simply put them on and go. (more info)
8 box Special  $279.60 - $34.95 per box (after rebate)
ACUVUE® Brand TORIC contact lenses are an exceptionally comfortable soft contact lens made especially for people with astigmatism. The ACUVUE® TORIC lens is designed to comfortably fit the unique shape of your eye. So you no longer have to put up with wearing regular contact lenses that don't work as well, and you're not restricted to wearing glasses. (more info)
4 box Special  $239.80 - $59.95 per box (after rebate)
SUREVUE® Brand Contact Lenses deliver exceptional overall performance in a contact lens since they're easy to use and offer great comfort. And, SUREVUE® Brand Contact Lenses offer the convenience of two-week daily wear-that is, you take them out each night and throw them away after two weeks. Because of this, they're a great choice for both experienced lens wearers and people trying contact lenses for the first time. (more info)
8 box Quantity Discount  $149.60 - $18.70 per box