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Aqualens Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are known to be a corrective or therapeutic lens that is inserted to the eyes in order to repair a person's vision problems and diseases. Plus, they are safe to wear and minimum to zero side effects are experienced. There are a lot of contact lens brands that are available in the market and most often, we are confused what brands of contact lenses offers the best possible comfort and solutions to our problems.

One of these brands of contact lenses is Aqualens contact lenses. Let us learn more about this type of contact lens. What it can give and how it works.

Ocular Sciences

Let us first have some background knowledge of how Aqualens contact lenses have come to exist. Aqualens contact lenses were created by Ocular Sciences. The company is the makers of a wide range of contact lenses, including the Biomedics range of contact lenses. Ocular Sciences Incorporated was established in the year 1983 that was based in Concord, California. But later on in the year 2004, CooperVision acquired there company. Ocular Sciences have different assortments of soft contact lenses, presenting a vast spectrum of contact lenses that are incredibly enduring and versatile that fits each contact lens wearer's lifestyle. Ranging from daily disposables, disposables toric, extended wear, aspheric, cosmetic, sports to multi-focal contact lenses.

What are Aqualens contact lenses?

As said earlier, Aqualens contact lenses are soft types of contact lenses that are manufactured by Ocular Sciences (now CooperVision). Contact lenses that are made with a special technology that provides world-class quality contact lenses. These contact lenses are one of the very best contact lenses recommended by a number of eye care practitioners because of its durability, also providing a clear, crisp vision and comfort that lasts all day long.

What are the benefits of Aqualens contact lenses?

Aqualens contact lenses might be the right contact lens for you, especially the advantages it offers. The following are some reasons as to why Aqualens contact lenses are the best contact lenses for you:

  1. It resists build-up of deposits and bacteria, eliminating the chances of having an eye infection.
  2. Peripheral (side) vision is increased; perfect for contact lens wearers that are physically active that needs rigorous actions.
  3. Aqualens contact lenses do not dry up easily since it has higher water content unlike other regular soft contact lenses.
  4. Contact lens wearers that are immersed in sports can be assured that their contact lenses will not fall off.
  5. These contact lenses have been proven to give quality vision and comfort to the eyes and the wearer.

Different Types of Aqualens Contact Lenses

Aqualens contact lenses present special contact lenses to suit every persons needs.

  • Aqualens 1 Day contact lenses - 1 Day contact lenses are disposable contact lenses that can only be worn for a day, meaning you change your contact lenses on a day to day basis. You don't have to exert any effort to clean and store them. They are also tinted for the wearer to easily locate and insert. No ability to alter the color of the irises.

  • Aqualens Toric contact lenses - Aqualens Toric contact lenses are 1-2 week disposable contact lenses. Recommended for people who have astigmatism, they are an effective way to minimize this visual complication.

  • Aqualens XC contact lenses - Patented PC technology is used to create Aqualens XC. This material draws and encloses molecules with water. Making it the main reason why Aqualens XC contact lenses stay healthy and wet all day. 2 week disposable soft contact lenses.

  • Aqualens 38 contact lenses - 1 week disposable contact lenses that provides similar results to other 38 types of contact lenses (e.g. Ultraflex 38).

  • Aqualens 55 Aspheric contact lenses - These are also weekly disposable contact lenses that are the basic edition of Biomedics 55.

  • Aqualens 55 contact lenses  - Type of Aqualens contact lenses that are 1-2 weeks disposable soft contact lenses. Also gives ample amount of eye relief, outstanding level of comfort, clarity of vision and trouble-free management.

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