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Biofinity Contact Lenses

Another brand of contact lenses that provides quality, clear and crisp vision for all that also helps correct certain eye conditions is breaking through the market, that is Biofinity contact lenses. What makes it special from all the other contact lenses present? Let us find out.

What are Biofinity contact lenses?

Biofinity contact lenses are monthly replacement high performing soft silicone hydrogel contact lenses that are made from an exclusive Aquaform technology produced by Cooper Vision. Aquaform technology also called Aquaform comfort science is a water-loving pioneering material which produces a natural moist material that does not need any exterior handling, in other words wetting agent is present with these contact lenses. Furthermore, with this kind of technology used, a longer chain of silicone is created which results to a more accessible and exposed position for water connection.

When the silicone component is notably high, higher oxygen can pass through that result to a better and improved eye health and vision as well as an amplified level of comfort enhancing the relationship between oxygen and water. These contact lenses creates a higher hydrogen bond holding water particles inside the contact lenses resulting for a moist, soft and resistant to bacteria, deposits, debris and fungi build-ups.

What makes them unique?

Biofinity contact lenses have a back-surface pattern that equally dispenses to the cornea the weight of the contact lens decreasing discomfort that might be experienced and assuaging pressure likewise. Because of this effect, it also alleviates complications of the cornea and other tissues.

Benefits of Biofinity contact lenses

Due to the advanced technology form these contact lenses were created, there are numerous of advantages one can benefit from. Biofinity contact lenses are natural hydrophilic contact lenses that lessen dehydration of the lens because they have the capacity to maintain water within the lenses. Water and oxygen work hand in hand which is very vital to maintaining excellent eye health.

Biofinity contact lenses give long lasting comfort all day long because of its wet and supple lens material. It also guarantees you enough oxygen to pass through your contact lenses in order for your eyes to stays healthy looking and white. These lenses are designed to be round edged contact lenses in order to provide maximum comfort to the wearers. Biofinity contact lenses are very much breathable contact lenses. These contact lenses do not contain any wetting cause, coating, additives and exterior actions. Lastly, its aspheric front shell provides sharper visualization unlike any other contact lenses.

Biofinity contact lenses - Included as the Number 1 Choice of Contact Lens Wearers

Surveys have shown that most contact lens wearers are happy with what Biofinity contact lenses offer. They say that these contact lenses lived up to what it says it can do. No dryness, complications and irritations were encountered when they used Biofinity contact lenses and when they wake up in the morning; their vision is still 100% alright.

2 types of Biofinity contact lenses

  1. Biofinity - These contact lenses makes your eyes experience perfect and healthy looking eyes without worrying whether or not it will dry out as the day goes on. Hassle free contact lenses especially suitable for contact lens wearers with a very busy schedule.
    Type of Lens: Monthly disposable contact lenses
    Package Details: 6 lenses that are immersed in 0.83% buffered saline solution
    % of Material and Water Content: 52% of comfilcon A and 48% water

  2. Biofinity Toric - Toric contact lenses for people who are having an astigmatism condition. These contact lenses are very fitting for people because it provides visual correction and reduces astigmatism.
    Type of Lens: Monthly disposable soft contact lenses for astigmatism
    Package Details: 6 lenses that are immersed in buffered saline solution
    % of Material and Water Content: 52% of comfilcon A and 48% water

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