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Colored Contact Lenses for Brown Eyes - What Works Best?

If you have brown eyes, according to a recent survey, most people see you as intelligent! Brown eyes are also seen as displaying trustworthiness and kindness according to those surveyed. So if you have brown eyes, you already have that going for you. 

If you have beautiful brown eyes and are considering colored contact lenses then the first question that pops into your mind is probably which lenses should I choose, and what works best? To answer that question let's take a look first at the types of colored contact lenses that are available. They include: visibility tints, enhancement tints, color tints, and light filtering tints. Visibility tints simply have a light color added to make them easier to see. Enhancement tints have a solid but translucent tint that is designed to enhance your eye color. Color tints are darker and are meant to change your eye color. Light filtering tints enhance certain colors, such as the yellow of a tennis ball or the different shades of green on a golf course. If you have brown eyes you are probably considering a color tint.

The Look That is Right for You

Choosing the right color for you, if you have brown eyes, is of course up to individual preference and what you actually enjoy seeing. Many people with brown eyes want to make a major change and choose blue, green or violet. All of these colors will cause your eyes to be noticed. If you are the type of person who likes to wear green clothing, then choosing a green colored contact lens could be seen as accessorizing your wardrobe. The same is true if you are a naturally bright and cheerful person and tend to wear a lot of blue or red. Do you have warm skin tones? If you do then trying hazel or violet could be the look you are trying for. It is also good to keep in mind the makeup you normally wear. Will your eye shadow or mascara enhance the look of the colored contact lenses you've chosen?

Below are the colored contact lenses that work best for brown eyes:



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